Day 274 – Splash!

On this day we had a go at playing with water and fast shutter speeds. I am glad we got the right shot on the first go as it was very messy!

Water Splash


Day 214 – Gondola

Our second day in Venice was lots of fun as we met some friends for lunch (they had been travelling around Italy for two weeks and Venice was their last stop), we had some gelato and finished off our visit to Venice with a Gondola ride. It was amazing and very relaxing! I could have done it for hours but sadly gondolas are not cheap. Here is my favourite picture of the day!

Venice Gondola

Day 156 – Drops and Pencils

I got this idea from this month’s practical magazine. I would have like to do a different subject but I used what I had at hand. Hubby was kind enough to set it all up for me as I used a glass table we have in our living room and it needed moving around. I will definitely be trying this again. It was hard-work but lots of fun at the same time. I couldn’t choose between the pictures below: Portrait vs. Landscape.

Drops and Pencils

Drops and Pencils

First try with messy drops…

Drops and Pencils

Day 135 – Street Photography

Yesterday we made a short trip to the Trafford Centre to get my brother-in-law a present for his birthday. On our way out, I decided top stop and to take some pictures of a fountain; when this guy stops and asks me whether it was okay to take pictures there? I lifted my shoulders and replied ‘I don’t know’. He then mumbled something and walked away. As far as I could tell he didn’t have a camera with him. I was left puzzled, was he making conversation or did he not like me taking pictures.

I am always careful about where I stop and take pictures, especially after an unpleasant experience in Manchester. I was with a group doing an Street Safari Course, when a friend decided to take pictures of a man walking by. The man realized what she had done and shouted at her. These two predicaments got me thinking and I would like to know what your point of view is on Street Photography.

Do you ask for permission when you take pictures of a person?
Have you encountered any problems when taking pictures in public places?

Thanks in advance!

Water Fountain

Day 113 – River Weaver

Tonight we went to Hartford to take some pictures of the river Weaver. The skies had a nice colour but by the time we got there most of it was gone. The river wasn’t looking at its best either, it was very foamy. Anyway here it goes my picture for today!

River Weaver

Day 109 – Food Dye

Last night was very frustrating. Early in the evening I decided to take pictures of food dye in water. I looked in the internet to find more information about it. I set up my camera, the flash, wine glass and put a white background behind it. The problem was that my camera doesn’t have the commander mode to control my external flash. So I need it my built in flash to go for my external one to work, which kept creating reflections on my glass. After a couple of 100 shots, I decided to give it a rest. This is my best shot from last night.

Food Dye

Day 106 – Droplets

Tonight I had another go at taking pictures of water droplets. It was easier this time with the flashgun and got better results. My first go at Water Droplets was in ‘Day 65’ and it was very difficult. I couldn’t set the camera to 1/200 shutter speed as the inbuilt flash and lighting weren’t the best. Below are the three best pictures from tonight.

Water Droplet

Water Droplet

Water Droplet

Day 57 – A Walk by the Canal

This morning my car broke down on my way to work. I took my car to the garage and returned home. I was able to work from home the rest of the day. During my lunch hour I went for a quick walk to a canal nearby. The skies were very clear and the sun was shining bright. It was a very beautiful day.

The recipe for the Chimichurri Sauce I followed last night was one of the best ones so far. I will provide more information on a separate post.

My picture today is of the canal and the boats. I love the reflection on the water.

Canal Boats