Belgium: Grand Place

The picture below was taken in Brussels’ Grand Place, it was taken in our second day there. Our hotel was just around the corner and we frequented this square a few times.

During our stay, we tried walking everywhere so we would get to know the city more. We tried to eat in restaurants that locals did and even tried food that weren’t sure what they were; this is the main reason I love travelling. It is to get to know the city or country and for a few days experience their lives, get to know their culture and try their food.

Here is Belgium’s Grand Place.

Grand Place, Belgium


Scotland: Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of the Old Town and it runs between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. I took the photo as we were walking towards the palace, the sun had set and we had some lovely colours in the sky. Edinburgh’s Old Town is beautiful, the buildings are full character and history. Edinburgh is now one of my favourite cities, along with Florence and Paris.

Edinburgh - Royal Mile

Manchester Graffiti Art

Last year I went to a photography course in Manchester, we went around the streets of the Northern Quarter and took pictures of anything that caught our attention. There are lots to see around the Northern Quarter, especially the street art. Here are my two favourite pictures of the street art I saw on this day.

Street Art


Blue Monday

Today at work we received some mini cupcakes to combat what is known to be the most depressing day of the year. If you are not feeling too cheerful here is a picture which I hope would cheer you up a little bit. I took this picture on the 25th of November 2012 and if you live near Camden Market or any bakery, I would suggest that you go pick up a little treat for yourself either today or tomorrow. It did make such a difference for everyone at work today and I hope it makes a difference for you too!

Happy Monday (or what is left of it) to everyone!

Sweet Treats

Day 201 – BBQ

It’s not a word we say out loud very often. If we do, there is no choice than to grill your burgers under the rain while holding an umbrella. On this particular Saturday though, the clouds were nowhere to be seen and we were on middle of a heat weave. With this information, we managed to plan ahead and had our friends Meysi and Sam over for a BBQ. The sun shined thorough out the day and had a fantastic time. I was too busy catching up with Meysi that I forgot to take any pictures while we were sitting outside. Instead, I remembered just as the sun was setting. Here is a view from our front door.

Rays of Sun

Day 176 – Manchester

The reason why I needed to go back to work was that I had printed some papers that I needed early on Tuesday morning. We are going away to Italy in June for a few days and on Tuesday I applied for an Italian Visa. I will put more details about my trip later on but I am really looking forward to it :). Thankfully my visa application was accepted and now we should be able to book our holiday properly. Here is a picture I took as we were making our way to Visa Application Centre.

Manchester City - Early Tuesday Morning

Day 135 – Street Photography

Yesterday we made a short trip to the Trafford Centre to get my brother-in-law a present for his birthday. On our way out, I decided top stop and to take some pictures of a fountain; when this guy stops and asks me whether it was okay to take pictures there? I lifted my shoulders and replied ‘I don’t know’. He then mumbled something and walked away. As far as I could tell he didn’t have a camera with him. I was left puzzled, was he making conversation or did he not like me taking pictures.

I am always careful about where I stop and take pictures, especially after an unpleasant experience in Manchester. I was with a group doing an Street Safari Course, when a friend decided to take pictures of a man walking by. The man realized what she had done and shouted at her. These two predicaments got me thinking and I would like to know what your point of view is on Street Photography.

Do you ask for permission when you take pictures of a person?
Have you encountered any problems when taking pictures in public places?

Thanks in advance!

Water Fountain

Day 110 – Manchester Lomowall

Yesterday hubby and I went to Manchester, we went to get myself a new camera bag. The one I have been using does no longer fit all my things inside, I have dropped and nearly lost a couple of things because there was not enough space. My new bag is a leather one for which I still need to get an insert for. It is pretty and I am very happy with it. While in Manchester we went to see the Manchester Lomowall (pictures below). The Lomowall is the first permanent exhibition that was generated thanks to the submissions made by people from around the world. The wall is made up of over 14,000 individual photographs. It is pretty impressive!

In the evening we went to a friend’s Birthday meal and we had a Chinese Buffet. It was a lovely evening but we had to leave early as we needed to head over to my in-laws. We were planning on surprising hubby’s mum this morning with a nice breakfast. More of that on my next post!

Manchester Lomowall



Day 67 – Can You Guess?

After a few hours of travelling we arrived at our destination at around 5pm. We took a taxi to our hotel and after having settled in, we decided to go for a walk. We had some food while we were out. I ordered a dish called ‘Chicon au Gratin’ with mashed potatoes. It was a new dish for me and was glad I ordered something completely different.

The picture below was taken while were out walking. Can you guess where I am?

European City

Day 43 – 1877

Today we went to Chester for a stroll. As we were walking along one of its cobbled streets, I took the pictures below.

Building in Chester

Cobbled street