Day 303 – Cabbage Flower

I really like this flower, it is very unusual and pretty. The only problem is that after a few days it can get very smelly. We got some before, walked into a room and the smell was very bad; we had started blaming the cat until we realized it was the plant.

Cabbage Flower


Day 284 – Orchid

I think we have finally got the hang of looking after orchids. Here is one of the ones we have that is flowering again.

White Orchid

Day 204 – Orchid

I really like orchids, they are very delicate and beautiful. I have bought a few pots over the years but they usually die a few months after they finish flowering. I bought some just after mother’s day which are still flowering beautifully (as you can see below).

Also, I had another one which had been sitting flowerless for a few months, the leaves had started to turn yellowish and thought I had lost it. I changed its location to sit by a window that doesn’t get direct sunlight, husband trimmed it and to my surprise on Day 204, I noticed it had some flower buds! I am so happy! I think I have found the secret on how to keep them flowering more than just once πŸ™‚


Day 169 – Monkey Tail

We got this little Fern plant a couple of years ago after hubby saw a fern tree in our local garden centre. He pointed at the tree and said: “oh! they looked like monkey tails!”. He really liked how unusual the tree looked so we went over and looked for the price. It was very expensive so we got a Fern plant instead which looks just as cool as the tree.

Fern Plant

Day 46 – After Christmas…

I got this little tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. It is only about 20-30 cm tall and it is potted. I got it for my desk at work and it is still looking very healthy! I will be taking down my Christmas decorations tomorrow. I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye. I am already planning some holidays to get me out of the Winter blues.

This is my last Christmas related post within my Project 365.

Mini Christmas Tree