Venice: The Grand Canal

The picture below was taken on our way back to our hotel in our last day in Venice. We both struggled with the weather, it was hard walking and taking pictures was even more. I spent most of the time tired and taking lots of breaks, think my pictures show it. The amount of effort put into them was very little; therefore the amount of good pictures from these two days are just a few.

Venice, The Grand Canal


Day 57 – A Walk by the Canal

This morning my car broke down on my way to work. I took my car to the garage and returned home. I was able to work from home the rest of the day. During my lunch hour I went for a quick walk to a canal nearby. The skies were very clear and the sun was shining bright. It was a very beautiful day.

The recipe for the Chimichurri Sauce I followed last night was one of the best ones so far. I will provide more information on a separate post.

My picture today is of the canal and the boats. I love the reflection on the water.

Canal Boats