Day 333 – Abstract

I don’t think I have done one yet so here it is. I took this photo on our way to Abererch, we were going away with hubby’s family for the weekend. It was raining most of the way there; Abererch is in North Wales and took us about two hours to get there. This was the view I had for the two-hour drive, dark skies and lots of rain.



Day 263 – Rainy Friday

On this afternoon hubby and I were hiding inside the house because there was storm outside. We cozied in the living room, saw a movie and ate some popcorn. If you ask me a perfect Friday afternoon πŸ™‚

Cozy Friday afternoon

Day 206 – Midday Grey Sky

The Thursday before our trip to Italy was huge reminder why we had chosen to go somewhere hot for our holidays. Day 206 was a dark and gloomy day. It was raining heavily at lunch time and it felt like we had gone straight from Spring to Autumn. Here is a photo I took with my phone right before I was about to go outside to grab some lunch. Guess what I did? …Yep, I stayed in until the rain stopped!

Rainy Thursday

Day 174 – Rose Leaf

Last Sunday was my last day working weekends. Our project at work went live on Thursday and I am very happy that it all went smoothly. A big weight was lifted off my shoulders and now I have my weekends back.

I have been very tired lately and my photography & Project 365 had suffered because of it. My work and house had taken the front seat (for obvious reasons) but now I am happy to say that our house and my work’s project are all finished. I hope my photography will go back to being at the top of my priorities. I really enjoy it and have missed it terribly. Having not put on as much effort or resorting to quick iPhone snaps were not always making me happy but I was definitely not going to let those things make me fail. I am determined to see it to the end!

I am still running 6 days behind on my posts but I hope to do a few more tomorrow πŸ™‚

Here it goes day 174 πŸ™‚

Rose Leaf

Couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so I decided to post both.

Rose Leaf

Day 7 – Wich Town

Today’s picture is of Northwich town centre. It has changed a lot from what it used to be just a few years ago. Some shops have closed, new ones have opened but quite a few still lay empty. Will the British High Street survive? Only time will tell.