Day 108 – Smoked Salmon

Tonight hubby surprised me with a very delicious meal. While in Ely, I had smoked salmon with scrambled eggs for breakfast and it was very tasty. I mentioned to him that we should buy some smoked salmon soon. Well, tonight he made smoked salmon with avocado and Boursin cheese on bagels. It was simple yet very delicious!

I took some pictures of it before I ate it 😉

Smoked Salmon


3 thoughts on “Day 108 – Smoked Salmon

  1. I love salmon…usually for dinner. Put it over some brown or wheat rice and serve with some steamed veggies. Good with a nice glass of chilled wine!

    Thanks for stopping by,

      • The wheat rice is better for you than plain white. And a bit of wine is also good. But just now and then, and not to excess…unless it’s a special ocassion…(LOL)!

        Take care,

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