Day 364 – Peruvian Lilies

One of the pictures I posted on my second day of my Project 365 was of some Peruvian Lilies (click here to see the post). Doing this project has helped me a lot with my photography skills.

Here is the picture of the lilies 363 days later.

Peruvian Lilies


Day 339 – White & Orange

It’s time for another macro shot, if I am correct the last time I took close up pictures of lilies were on day 105. The photo below is slightly different from the one I took back then. Hope you like it!

White Lilies

Day 276 – Raspberry Pi

My husband bought this tiny computer (slightly bigger than a mobile device) as a birthday present for my father-in-law. When he told me he was buying it, I thought he was buying an expensive Raspberry Pie.

This small computer has Linux operating system, it doesn’t have a built in hard disk but instead it uses an SD card. The idea behind this pressie was for my father-in-law to write a few programs to be run by this small computer. Like for example running the lights of the house (not sure exactly how it works, just passing information that hubby passed on to me!).

Raspberry Pi

Day 269 – Macro

We bought these pink flowers for the house. They are very pretty but the stems rot very fast and it stained the water. I had to change it every couple of days. The actual flowers do last a long time. Here is a close up picture of one the flowers.

Pink Flower

Day 258 – Lily of the Nile

This Sunday both hubby and I spent it taking trips to the recycling centre getting rid of some things we no longer had use for. Things we had accumulated over the past eight years and we no longer had use for. It felt great πŸ™‚

We also bought a bouquet of flowers to bring a bit more life to our temporary home. Here is my photo for day 257.


Day 209 – Bumblebee

On day 209 we went to see my Father-in-law in order to celebrate Father’s Day. We had a lovely day with them and had some delicious food!

My mother-in-law has some beautiful flowers in her garden and spent some of the afternoon taking pictures of them all. It was a bumblebee that caught my eye though and it turned out to be my favourite photo.


Day 205 – Lavender

My garden is flowering beautifully, the two weeks we were gone everything has gone a little wild but I kind of love it. The grass is quite long, the climbing roses are full of red and pink blooms and the lavender plants are just pretty!

Here is a picture I took of the lavender the Wednesday before our trip!


Day 204 – Orchid

I really like orchids, they are very delicate and beautiful. I have bought a few pots over the years but they usually die a few months after they finish flowering. I bought some just after mother’s day which are still flowering beautifully (as you can see below).

Also, I had another one which had been sitting flowerless for a few months, the leaves had started to turn yellowish and thought I had lost it. I changed its location to sit by a window that doesn’t get direct sunlight, husband trimmed it and to my surprise on Day 204, I noticed it had some flower buds! I am so happy! I think I have found the secret on how to keep them flowering more than just once πŸ™‚


Day 203 – Shades of Orange

On the Saturday that my friend Meysi came to visit she brought some flowers for us. On day 203, running low on ideas (which has been happening a lot lately!), I decided to take some photos of the lovely flowers she brought.

I am back home now and I hope on the following days to finally get up to date with my posts πŸ™‚

Orange Flowers

Day 200 – Garden Resident

On Day 200, after I arrived home from work I went to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather we were having. While outside I decided to look for some bees or butterflies to take pictures of, sadly the only insect I found was a spider. I dislike spiders very much, so made sure the two shots I took were right as I was not going to stand very close to it again.

Garden Spider