Day 137 – Afternoon walk

Friday was my day off the gym, instead we went for a long walk around the canal and some fields nearby. Some tractors were out working the fields and it actually felt like spring. It was a warm, lovely April afternoon. I would like to share two pictures with you. The first one was taken by the canal overlooking the fields. (137th picture)

Broken fence

This second picture is of a tractor working the fields.

Tractors in the fields


Day 131 – Rays of Sun

On Saturday afternoon we took Penny for a walk to the Dee Marshes in the Wirral. The sun was shining, it was a glorious afternoon. The sunset was simply beautiful and after months of trying to capture it, I finally got it!

I took lots of pictures that afternoon and the picture below is my favourite of the day.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Rays of Sun, Dee Marshes

Day 46 – After Christmas…

I got this little tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. It is only about 20-30 cm tall and it is potted. I got it for my desk at work and it is still looking very healthy! I will be taking down my Christmas decorations tomorrow. I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye. I am already planning some holidays to get me out of the Winter blues.

This is my last Christmas related post within my Project 365.

Mini Christmas Tree

Day 29 – Foggy Nights

No, fog is not one of the things I love. Foggy nights are a bit creepy and don’t like them when I am driving on dark country roads. Although, fog can make quite an interesting photography subject.

Tonight the fog was quite heavy so I decided to leave my ‘Things I love’ subject aside (just for tonight) and take some pictures outside. Here are two my fave pics of tonight.

Northwich roads at night.

Foggy night

Day 24 – Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Every week since I started this blog, whenever I saw a new photo challenge I wanted to participate and post a picture. As usual time runs out and soon before you know it’s Friday again and a brand new challenge is on. I know it is very close to Friday but I took these photos a couple of days ago and since I (looking down in shame) didn’t take one single picture today, I decided to post these ones.

We drove past a forest very close to where we live and I asked my husband to stop the car and I got out to get some pictures. Here it goes my version of Changing Seasons.

Fallen leaves

Bare trees

Tree trunk

Day 23 – Sparkles

Time does fly when you are having fun. Christmas tree decoration is still in progress. Lights, ribbons and some baubles are in place. Still needs a bit more work though. Hope to have the tree done by tomorrow and the picture posted as well.

Glass baubles