Day 135 – Street Photography

Yesterday we made a short trip to the Trafford Centre to get my brother-in-law a present for his birthday. On our way out, I decided top stop and to take some pictures of a fountain; when this guy stops and asks me whether it was okay to take pictures there? I lifted my shoulders and replied ‘I don’t know’. He then mumbled something and walked away. As far as I could tell he didn’t have a camera with him. I was left puzzled, was he making conversation or did he not like me taking pictures.

I am always careful about where I stop and take pictures, especially after an unpleasant experience in Manchester. I was with a group doing an Street Safari Course, when a friend decided to take pictures of a man walking by. The man realized what she had done and shouted at her. These two predicaments got me thinking and I would like to know what your point of view is on Street Photography.

Do you ask for permission when you take pictures of a person?
Have you encountered any problems when taking pictures in public places?

Thanks in advance!

Water Fountain


4 thoughts on “Day 135 – Street Photography

  1. I’ve never encountered a problem yet and I would delete a photo if someone objected and asked me to. Mostly it is about getting that candid shot unless you’re doing street portraiture. I try not to photograph people in situations that I would object to personally.

    You have to be respectful.

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