Day 285 – Elephant Parade

On day 283, hubby and I went to the Trafford Centre for an evening out. We had a meal at my favourite restaurant ‘Tampopo’ and also had a look around the shops. As we walked around we noticed all these elephants dotted around the centre. They all looked different and the one pictured below is the one that caught my eye. It was very cute and it had the Union Jack painted on one of its legs. They were brought to Trafford Centre to raise awareness of the Asian Elephant Foundation. Here is my photo for day 283.

Elephant Parade


Day 208 – Summer Clothes

On Day 208, hubby and I took a short trip to the Trafford Centre. I managed to buy a few items of clothing for our trip. For lunch we stopped at our favourite place, Yo! Sushi. We usually get a few dish which we both choose and then share with each other. My favourite is the Salmon and Avocado Handroll and hubby’s is the Beef & Garlic
Teriyaki. On this occasion we also decided to try one of their new offerings, the Tilapia Yo! Burger. Here is a picture of it!

Tilapia Yo! Burger

Day 148 – Musicians

It has been a week since my last post. I have been so busy this past week that I have not been able to post any pictures. I hope that over the next couple of days I will be able to catch up and be up-to date.

Last Tuesday hubby and I went to the Trafford Centre to get him an early birthday present. He needed a new pair of shoes and that’s what we got him. I think he is very chuffed with them.

Here is my picture for Day 148!

Statue of Musicians

And a hand…


Day 135 – Street Photography

Yesterday we made a short trip to the Trafford Centre to get my brother-in-law a present for his birthday. On our way out, I decided top stop and to take some pictures of a fountain; when this guy stops and asks me whether it was okay to take pictures there? I lifted my shoulders and replied ‘I don’t know’. He then mumbled something and walked away. As far as I could tell he didn’t have a camera with him. I was left puzzled, was he making conversation or did he not like me taking pictures.

I am always careful about where I stop and take pictures, especially after an unpleasant experience in Manchester. I was with a group doing an Street Safari Course, when a friend decided to take pictures of a man walking by. The man realized what she had done and shouted at her. These two predicaments got me thinking and I would like to know what your point of view is on Street Photography.

Do you ask for permission when you take pictures of a person?
Have you encountered any problems when taking pictures in public places?

Thanks in advance!

Water Fountain

Day 93 – Wednesday Night, Movie Night

Wednesday night hubby and I went to the Trafford Centre for some sushi and to watch a film. Wednesday nights here in the UK you can get 2 for 1 tickets with some mobile operators.

We both love sushi, my favourite one is the Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll while hubby loves them all. I had three of those rolls plus other dishes. I was so full when we finished. After we ate, we went to buy a friend a thank you pressie. He has been working for a little while building my website. It is looking very nice! (More info later on!)

At the movies we saw the new Bruce Willis film ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’. I really like action films, I love it that they are easy to watch and keep you on the edge of your seat. Hubby and I had a great night out. I took some pictures inside the Trafford Centre that night.

Trafford Centre

Main Hall

Day 48 – Statues and Palm Trees

Today I went to Trafford Centre to buy my dad a birthday present. He will be 50 years old in two weeks time. I will post it tomorrow and really hope it arrives to Peru in time! As it is a big birthday I bought him something extra special, I will take a picture of his pressie tomorrow.

The picture for today is of the outside shops at the Trafford Centre.

Trafford Centre

Day 21 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Blue Light

I only need one more thing and I’ll be done with my Christmas shopping. Today’s picture was taken outside the Trafford Centre on our way back to our car.

Only fourteen days until Christmas…can’t wait!

Outside Trafford Centre

Day 9 – Empty

A friend and I went out for a meal and a film tonight. We had a lovely night and laughed a lot. I took quite a few pics but this one was my favourite. As we were leaving, we noticed how different the Trafford Centre looked when empty. We appreciated the decorations and the actual building itself more. It is such a different experience when you are not in hurry. You see a lot more.