Dee Marshes

The photo below was taken in February last year. The sky was looking very much like it did this past Sunday, grey and not very interesting at all!

The picture I posted for this day as part of Project 365 was ‘The sheep on the marshes’. During the duration of the project, I had to very quickly pick just one picture of all the ones I had taken on a day and post it. Most of the time some of the pictures didn’t even get a second look as I was in too much of a hurry! I am enjoying looking at those pictures now, spending some time editing and appreciating them.

Dee Marshes


52 Project – W2: Clouds

Hubby’s thoughts behind last week’s theme was… “It’s been raining a lot lately, so there are plenty clouds around for you take pictures of!”.

I should know now that things don’t always work the way you plan them, specially when it comes to the weather. I had planned to leave the picture-taking until the weekend as I would have more time to spend on it. Saturday morning was spent tidying the house and the afternoon with family so I didn’t really have a chance to go outside and look for clouds.

Sunday was going to be the day! I woke up early and went straight to the window to look outside and yep there was a cloud, one single grey cloud covering the sky as far as the eye could see! Hubby and I went out to Tatton Park and walked around for a few hours but still things didn’t look any better. I decided half way through our walk to change this week’s topic to something else as the original one wasn’t going to work! I took the pictures and made my way back to the house.

Once at home, I was looking through my pictures when I saw the picture below. I had taken it a few days earlier with my phone, without realizing I had taken a picture with this week’s topic.

It was Friday afternoon when I returned from work, I got out of my car to walk to the house when I saw the sunset below. I took my phone out and took this one single picture, one single shot and it turned out quite nicely πŸ™‚

Happy Pancake Day to everyone!

Sunset clouds

52 Project – W1: Valentine’s Day

We went to Edinburgh a few years ago, we didn’t stay for very long because we had Penny with us. The few hours we spent there were not enough to be able to truly appreciate how beautiful it is.

Last weekend, we spent three days in Edinburgh and yet feel we did not see everything it has to offer. We spent most of Friday at the zoo, both hubby and I had been looking forward to seeing the pandas, in the evening we went for a meal at Kyloe Steak Restaurant & Grill. The meal was amazing, it had been a long time since we had such a great steak. We spent Saturday morning at Edinburgh Castle and walking around the Royal Mile in the afternoon. Most of Sunday we spent it at Holyroodhouse Palace.

The theme for my first week of the 52 Project was Valentine’s Day and as I mentioned on last Friday’s post, I found it difficult and did not capture what I was hoping to. The picture below was taken in the gardens of Holyroodhouse Palace. The picture is of a couple of friends walking side by side, valentine’s day is not only about love between couples but also about friendship.

Holyrood Palace Gardens

Wales: The Ffestiniog Railway

This is my travel Thursday post, we had a power cut yesterday and wasn’t able to finish my post.

My family came to England in 2011, it was the first time they were all here. Hubby and I decided to take them to see as much as we could in the three weeks they had here. We went to London, North Wales, Scotland, York and the Lake District. While in Wales, we took them on a steam train from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog. It was one of my favourite activities that we did while they were here, a very unique experience!

Here is my favourite photo of the day πŸ™‚

Welsh Countryside

…and here is a picture of the train!

Steam Train Wales

Trent and Mersey Canal

Boat at Trent and Mersey Canal

The picture above was taken in January last year. It was a beautiful sunny day, hubby and I went for a walk to the canal and got to enjoy the lovely weather.

Yesterday was also surprisingly sunny, after January being mostly wet and gray. February is looking a lot better! Hubby and I went to Knutsford’s Artisan Market. It is held on the first Sunday of every month and a number of local producers bring specialist products like wrought iron made products, cakes, sausages, bread, jewelry, radishes, etc. We had a good time and got to try lots of yummy food.

Going back to next year, I took the picture above on Day 57 while walking by the Trent and Mersey Canal and didn’t get to share it with you.

Jodrell Bank Observatory

I took this picture on January last year. We live a little closer to the observatory now and get a nice view of it. I hope to go visit again soon!

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Sun Rays

I took this picture exactly on this day a year ago. It was taken at Delamere Forest on a Frosty morning, I didn’t have a chance to share it so here it goes.

Delamere Forest

I will also be sharing with you my favourite Instagram pictures every Friday. So make sure you keep checking the blog!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Day 355 – Blakemere Village

We had a very exciting day on the 9th of November. First, we had a delicious lunch at Gusto’s in Knutsford, then we made our to Chester to finally order the new floors for the cottage, after months of research and visiting many suppliers, we decided to go for some we had seen in Chester back in September. The floors were one of the last things we needed to get in order to finish work in the living and dining room. After ordering the floors we went to Blakemere Village for some ice cream and to have a look at the antique shops there. I took the picture below as we were leaving Blakemere, the mist was starting to roll into the fields. It looked so beautiful!

Picture was taken with iPhone.

Misty Fields

Day 349 – Goodbye Treasure Cottage…

Last picture taken from Treasure Cottage.

Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno

Day 346 – A day in Tatton Park

On day 343, I was part of a masterclass in Tatton Park. The masterclass was given by Tom Mackie and Amateur Photographer magazine. It was a great day, the sky was clear and it stayed dry until we were done. Here is my favourite photo of the day.

Tatton Park Gardens

I am so happy as one of my photos of the day got published in the magazine. Here is the photo that got published.

Japanese Gardens Tatton Park