Day 362 – Early Celebrations

The weekend before my 28th birthday, hubby and I went to see his family for an early birthday celebration. We had some Chinese food and was lucky enough to get two birthday cakes! They were both delicious 🙂

Here is a photo of the day.

Birthday Paper Chain


Day 292 – Chocolate Cake

Fourteen days after my father-in-law’s birthday, we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday. On this day we all got together again and celebrated his birthday with some food and cake. Here is a picture of him with his birthday cake 🙂

Birthday Cake

Day 151 – Birthday Boy

Last Friday was hubby’s birthday and we had a lovely evening with all his family. We had some Indian food, watched a film and had some cake and cupcakes. It was meant to be a surprise get together but I am not very good at keeping surprises so I ended up telling him all about it.

One of the surprises were these pretty amazing cupcakes from a cupcakery in Manchester ‘Hey Little Cupcake’. He is a Star Wars fan and I think he was really happy with them 🙂

Star Wars Cupcakes

Star Wars Cupcakes

Chewbacca Cupcake

Star Wars Cupcakes

Day 49 – A Birthday Present

As I mentioned yesterday my dad will be 50 years old in a couple of weeks. Hubby and I decided to get him something very special for him to celebrate his half a century. We got him a bottle of Champagne. I really hope it gets there on time so he can drink it on the day. Wish I could go to Peru for that special occasion but due to work and tickets costs I won’t be able to make it this year.

My picture today is my dad’s birthday present.

Dom Pérignon

Day 2 – Surprise Package

As I walked through the door this evening my husband announced that I had received a package. I wasn’t expecting anything so I couldn’t wait to see what was it was.

The package was from my family in Peru and it was a late birthday present. Here is a picture of what was inside…

Three Sixty Five Project – 27th Year

I have considered doing a 365 project since I got my Nikon but have always managed to put the idea aside and not follow through. A few weeks ago, after much encouragement from my husband I decided to document my 27th year. This project is going to be quite challenging as I don’t write posts very often. I really enjoy blogging but I find it very hard to find the time to edit my pictures (I am very slow) and consequently post them. I am hoping this project will teach me to be quick at editing my photos and get me on the routine of posting everyday. I apologize in advance as the quality of some of my future pictures may not be always great as I will be taking some of them with my very old iPhone 3.

What will I be using?
Nikon D5000 and iPhone 3.

Yesterday I turned 27th…and I am not up to a very good start! So here it goes (a few hours later) DAY 1.