Day 299 – On the edge…

We have been looking for a fire companion set for a while now. Hubby is being a little fussy about which one we get. On this Saturday we went on another trip to Chester to look for one, nope we didn’t find one! The search continues…

While we were walking around, we saw this pigeon seating happily on the banister taking on some the sunshine.



Day 288 – Beautiful Chester

On this evening hubby and I went for a quick visit to Chester. We went to buy a couple of things for the house and before we made our way home, we had a wander around the city walls. Chester is so beautiful, specially when all the crowds are gone. You can truly admire the buildings without having to worry about being on the way. Here is the photo for day 286.


Day 272 – Tapas Sunday

This Sunday we went for a meal out and we had some lovely tapas at a lovely restaurant in Chester. It is the second time we have visited this restaurant and have to say the food is delicious. Here is a photo of some meatballs πŸ™‚

Hope you all have had a good week!


Day 261 – Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

This was the first time we went to an Open Air Theatre and I am definitely hooked! It was a pretty unique and magnificent experience. We saw Othello, the cast and the whole production were absolutely amazing. We had dinner before we got there but next time I will be taking my picnic basket. I would recommend it to anyone who lives in Cheshire, next summer don’t miss it!

Othello - Chester Open Air Theatre

Day 43 – 1877

Today we went to Chester for a stroll. As we were walking along one of its cobbled streets, I took the pictures below.

Building in Chester

Cobbled street

Day 20 – Christmas Shopping at the Grosvenor Centre

Today, I went Christmas shopping for hubby’s Christmas presents at the Grosvenor Centre and Cheshire Oaks. The Grosvenor Centre looked beautiful with Christmas lights and decorations. The picture below was taken at one of the Centre entrances.

The Grosvenor Centre

Day 8 – By the River Dee

Tonight Mark and I went for a drive and ended up in Chester. I love this city as it dates back to Roman times and it has a good quantity of beautiful old buildings. There is a lot to photograph in Chester and wish I had a lot more time to spend there.

I am definitely going back soon and I will be taking a tripod with me as tonight just left me wanting more!