Day 312- Orange Skies

Our new home is located in a semi-rural location and the countryside around is breathtaking. Every morning as I walk to my car I see something different, whether it may just be the fields, a tractor or a tree. Even the sky looks more beautiful. I guess it is because nothing is on the way, nothing that stops me from just standing there, taking it all in and admiring it.

Orange Skies


Day 132 – Easter Sunday

Our Easter weekend was great, it was good spending some quality time with the family. On Sunday evening before we made our way home, we stopped by Parkgate to get some pictures of the twilight. Here it is my picture for Day 132.

Twilight - Parkgate, Wirral

I would also like to share the lovely table decorations my mother-in-law prepared for Sunday. Everything was very lovely πŸ™‚

Easter Sunday - Daffodils

Day 116 – Countryside

Tonight hubby and I went for a long walk at dusk. I really enjoyed myself, the lighting was great and the skies were yet again completely amazing! I love when the sky has lots of colour, feels like someone has taken a brush and painted a masterpiece. It was also the first time the weather was slightly mild, on my return home I could still feel my toes and fingers yay!

I took lots of pictures tonight so I thought I may share a few with you. Happy Friday to everyone!




Reflection Monochrome

Day 114 – Trees on Fire

Tonight before dinner hubby and I went for a walk by the Mersey and Trent canal. The skies looked like they were on Fire and the sunset was simply amazing. Sadly by the time I got to the spot I wanted to take pictures at the sun had set. Nevertheless, I took some pictures of some angry-looking clouds and some trees that looked like they were on fire.

Trees silhouettes

Trees Silhouettes

Day 113 – River Weaver

Tonight we went to Hartford to take some pictures of the river Weaver. The skies had a nice colour but by the time we got there most of it was gone. The river wasn’t looking at its best either, it was very foamy. Anyway here it goes my picture for today!

River Weaver

Day 101 – A Very Long Day

Today I was up earlier than usual, I had to arrive at work by 8 am. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and there was frost everywhere. I couldn’t stop to take a picture as I had to get to the office and had a lot of work to get done by 9am. I have learnt my lesson though, I took my camera with me as the forecast said today was going to be another beautiful sunny day. I did not finish work until 6pm and with an hour of driving I decided to hang around and go for a walk around the grounds.

One of the things I love the most about my work is the location of our office. It is set in the Cheshire countryside and it is surrounded by fields which are full of sheep, cows and horses. It is set in beautiful unique location! My pictures for today are of the place I spend a lot of my time in…work πŸ™‚

Trees silhouette

Cheshire Countryside

Cherry Blossom trees

Day 100 – One Hundred Days Later

Yay, I have reached Day 100! Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and after a few days (seems like weeks) of nothing but grey skies I was so thankful for the sunshine! Coming from South America I find it very hard to be cheery during dark days. I feel like I need the sunshine and probably I do since I need to replenish my Vitamin D intake.

Tonight, yet again, I tried to make it home just in time to take some pictures of the Sunset. I got stuck on traffic and by the time I got home the sun had set and the skies had lost its colour. I still made my way to Marbury park, set my tripod and took some photos of Budworth Mere. Below are two of my fave pics.

Budworth Mere

Tree Silhouette

Day 90 – Budworth Mere

Tonight we went to Marbury Park to take some pictures. We got there as the sun had set. The skies still had a bit colour left and it was very beautiful and peaceful. We have only been to Marbury during the daytime and it has always been so full people. It was lovely to have the park to ourselves for a little bit πŸ™‚

Budworth Mere