100 Happy Days – Week 1

I have completed my first week of the 100 Happy Days challenge and it has been great! I have been paying more attention to those little things that make me smile and ignoring those ones that don’t!

I started the challenge on Monday. It is hardest day of the week for me but going to bed early and getting to read a book was blissful!
Reading a book

Hubby does most of the cooking in our household and as the creative chef that he is, he can be a little messy. Working together and getting our kitchen looking spotless made my day! (Those little things in life!)
Clean kitchen

An acquaintance of my husband grows a lot of veggies at home, one of them is the Oca (Oxalis Tuberosa). The Oca is a tuber grown in the Peruvian Andes; I used to eat them when I was young but was never a big fan. I haven’t eaten them in over 11 years! He sent us some and I am looking forward to growing our own and trying them again.
Peruvian Ocas

After a very grey winter, I am loving spring! It has continued raining but all the pretty seasonal flowers brighten up those grey days!
Lovely daffodils

I took last Friday off work and took my mother in law for an afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday! We had a lovely afternoon and I am glad we got to spend some quality time together.
Afternoon tea with my mother in law

Saturday was another exciting day! I got to spend it with my friend Sarah; she lives in Manchester now so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to. We have started making some plans so I hope to see her again pretty soon!
Cocktails with my friend

A few months ago, I got asked by some friends whether I could do their wedding invitation. It makes me feel very happy when people trust me to do something so important. I showed them on Sunday the first draft of the invitation and they liked it! I finished it yesterday and now it is all ready for the printers! Happy days!
Friend's wedding invitation

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and that maybe you get inspired to take part of the challenge! Documenting those happy moments will make them last forever!


Day 364 – Peruvian Lilies

One of the pictures I posted on my second day of my Project 365 was of some Peruvian Lilies (click here to see the post). Doing this project has helped me a lot with my photography skills.

Here is the picture of the lilies 363 days later.

Peruvian Lilies

Day 342 – Lilies and roses

Day 339 was one of those busy days that I didn’t have enough time to think about the picture I was going to take. I rushed and took a photo of the first thing that caught my eye. Not a great result! πŸ˜›

Lilies and roses

Day 339 – White & Orange

It’s time for another macro shot, if I am correct the last time I took close up pictures of lilies were on day 105. The photo below is slightly different from the one I took back then. Hope you like it!

White Lilies

Day 328 – Orange

Another autumn inspired post, this time is a photo of some beautiful orange roses.

Orange Rose

Day 322 – Waiting for them to open…

I love getting lilies as they last for a very long time. These in particular, they took a very long time to open. Even though they were not open for days, they still looked very nice.


Day 318 – Sunflower

I like sunflowers very much, they just lift up your home and look so pretty πŸ™‚


Day 301 – Red berries

I searched on the internet and still couldn’t find the name of these berries. We got them as part of flower bouquet that we bought to celebrate our last week at our friend’s house. Although, we put most of our belongings in the garage, we started packing again on this Monday. It was an easier and faster process than the last one!

Red Berries

Day 297 – Pink Chrysanthemum

Here is a picture of a pink Chrysanthemum taken with my phone. πŸ™‚

Pink Chrysanthemum

Day 289 – Moving on from automatic

Up to this day I had been using my flashgun in the automatic setting. I don’t really like reading manuals and I didn’t want to change the settings that would make it impossible for me to use it or force me to read the manual. Anyway on this evening I was feeling particularly adventurous (plus I was having problems photographing these flowers, the light coming out of the flash was too bright!) and decided to have a play around with the manual settings. I found out it wasn’t that difficult and it’s actually better as now I can decide the quantity light coming from the flash.