Day 267 – Colours

On this evening I took my colour pencils out to experiment with different angles. It was great while we were at our friends’ house as I had lots of spare time. We were no longer doing something every evening after work, we had more time to chill out and relax. Here is my favourite picture of the day!



Day 166 – The Fun Fair

On day 166, after I arrived from work we made our way to a Fun Fair in Knutsford. It was getting dark when we got there and decided to have a look around before choosing what rides or games we wanted to do. We went to the mirror house, the haunted house, ate lots of candy floss and had a go at fishing some ducks…with no luck 😦

Neither of us are very good with fast rides but we had lots of fun looking at other people having a go at them!

Here is a picture of one of the rides, just looking how high it went made me weak at the knees!

Fun Fair

Day 160 – Anemones and Ranunculus

Anemones and Ranunculus are two of my favourite flowers; the other two are the Peonies and roses. I love these flowers, they are simply beautiful and I hope in our next house to have a garden full of them πŸ™‚

I bought these in a local shop and just couldn’t stop photographing them…you may see a couple more photos of them in one of my next posts! πŸ˜‰

Anemones & Ranunculus

Anemones & Ranunculus

Day 156 – Drops and Pencils

I got this idea from this month’s practical magazine. I would have like to do a different subject but I used what I had at hand. Hubby was kind enough to set it all up for me as I used a glass table we have in our living room and it needed moving around. I will definitely be trying this again. It was hard-work but lots of fun at the same time. I couldn’t choose between the pictures below: Portrait vs. Landscape.

Drops and Pencils

Drops and Pencils

First try with messy drops…

Drops and Pencils

Day 128 – Mates Burilados

One hundred twenty-eight days later and I am starting to run out of ideas. I will need to start planing my shots ahead otherwise I will be in the same situation as I was on last Wednesday. Panicking, looking around the house for something to photograph. Finally after searching high and low, I decided to take pictures of some Peruvian handicrafts which we gave away to our guests as wedding favours. This is my favourite of the two designs. I love the rich colours, the birds and flowers designs.

Mates Burilados

Mate Burilado

Day 122 – Speed of Light

On Thursday evening we went to Salford for the ‘Speed of Light’ event. The event was first seen at the Edinburgh International Festival. The event consists of runners (wearing specially commissioned LED light suits) creating choreographed patterns of light through streets of Salford Quays. For more info please visit the following site:

The event was unique and spectacular. There were lots of people with cameras and tripods running around following the runners. I really enjoyed myself considering it was a very cold windy night. Here are some of the pictures I took that night.

Salford Quays

Media City

Speed of Light

Speed of Light, Salford Quays

Speed of Light, BBC

Runners cooling down

Day 81 – Painting with Pastels

I asked hubby to get me some pastels for Christmas. I already have one box which I bought about 9 years ago. I have not used them much lately but most of them are on their way out. I’ve been wanting to draw and pastel paint again, I used to enjoy it and it made me feel very relaxed. Anyway, I was hoping to get a box similar to my old ones but instead I got pastel pencils inside a beautiful wooden box. I am very happy with them. I have not had an opportunity to use them yet but hope to be able to spend a couple of hours over the weekends painting. Since Christmas, all I’ve done is admire them but today I decided to have a quick try. They are very different to my old ones. My old ones were just sticks while this ones are ideal for those little details. I can’t wait to start making a proper use of them. My picture today is of them!

Derwent Pastel Pencils