52 Project – W1: Valentine’s Day

We went to Edinburgh a few years ago, we didn’t stay for very long because we had Penny with us. The few hours we spent there were not enough to be able to truly appreciate how beautiful it is.

Last weekend, we spent three days in Edinburgh and yet feel we did not see everything it has to offer. We spent most of Friday at the zoo, both hubby and I had been looking forward to seeing the pandas, in the evening we went for a meal at Kyloe Steak Restaurant & Grill. The meal was amazing, it had been a long time since we had such a great steak. We spent Saturday morning at Edinburgh Castle and walking around the Royal Mile in the afternoon. Most of Sunday we spent it at Holyroodhouse Palace.

The theme for my first week of the 52 Project was Valentine’s Day and as I mentioned on last Friday’s post, I found it difficult and did not capture what I was hoping to. The picture below was taken in the gardens of Holyroodhouse Palace. The picture is of a couple of friends walking side by side, valentine’s day is not only about love between couples but also about friendship.

Holyrood Palace Gardens

Instagram Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Instagram Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Update 15th Feb: I am finding this week’s theme for the 52 week photography challenge very difficult. I have taken lots of pics with my phone but have struggle to capture anything with my Nikon. We have one more day … Continue reading

Day 87 – A Candlelit Meal

I have been slacking for the last two days with my posts…oops!

On Thursday hubby and I went for a meal to one of our favourite restaurants, Gaucho Grill. The meal which I made on ‘Day 56’ came from this restaurant. Last time we went there was on our anniversary; the food on Thursday was just as delicious as the previous time. The atmosphere at Gaucho is very romantic and the service is excellent.

It was a wonderful night and we laughed so much, specially on our way back to the car. We walked right past our car, when we got to the place where we thought we left the car hubby panicked for a sec when he couldn’t find it. (FYI hubby didn’t drink because he was driving)

We came home late that night and after drinking cocktails and wine I was too tired to post anything.

The restaurant is very dark and it was very hard to take any pictures. I don’t like using flash. I had my 50mm lens on and raised the ISO to the max. Pictures are very grainy.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

Cinta de ancho

Ceviche sampler

Day 86 – Love is in the Air

Tonight I went to town to capture Valentine windows displays. I found a couple of windows I liked; especially the one in the Sweet Shop. My last picture is a corner of hubby’s Valentine’s card. Hope he likes it!

Day 84 – Sweet Treat

This week is all about Valentine’s Day. I know most people think that it is a day created by card companies but I like the idea of celebrating love. In Peru, Valentine’s Day is not only about love between couples but also about friendship. If you don’t have a special someone, you will always have good friends whom you can celebrate with.

I am very blessed to have found someone who I can celebrate this special day with. This is a day we can forget about everything else in our lives (work, chores, worries, etc) and just focus on each other and celebrate that we were lucky enough to have found one another.

My picture today is of a little something to get me started celebrating LOVE! Hope you all have wonderful week, filled with lots of love!

Pink Cupcake