Day 360 – Wedding Album

Little by little we are unpacking all our things. We have unpacked all the items we need everyday, like clothes and Kitchen utensils but paintings and books still remain in boxes. We are getting the rooms ready before deciding where to put them. As we are coming close to finishing off the living room, and got some of our new furniture delivered we decided to unpack our wedding album. It brings such lovely memories!

Wedding album


Day 262 – Mini us

This was our cake topper (although it didn’t go on top of our cake), my mum had it made specially for us. They are wearing clothes typical to the area where I was born in Peru. I love it and it’s a very valued memory from our wedding.

Cake Topper

Day 187 – The Wedding

It was exactly a year ago that hubby and I got married in a beautiful Catholic church in Lima, Peru. I don’t know whether you have read my first posts but we had two weddings. We got married in the beautiful Island of Bute, Scotland in 2011 in the presence of all hubby’s families and friends. Only five members of my family were able to make it from Peru. Hence the decision to separate the occasion in two and hold our Catholic wedding in Peru. Both weddings were incredible and very different; I was very blessed to have had the opportunity to marry my husband twice!

Here we are a year later and we are celebrating again but this time the wedding of two of our friends. Tim and Kim got engaged around the same time we did. They decided to have a long engagement and it was after our return from Peru that we were told they were going to be celebrating their wedding on the same day we had ours. We couldn’t have hoped for a better way to celebrate our first anniversary of our Catholic wedding than to spend it with all our friends.

I wish I had taken more pictures on Saturday but only managed to take pictures up to the end of the ceremony. The rest of the time I was too busy enjoying myself. It was beautiful Cornish day and everything looked very pretty. Here is my favourite picture of the day!

Holdiing hands

In case you were curious here is a picture of our Wedding in Peru.

Wedding Peru 25th May 2012

Day 128 – Mates Burilados

One hundred twenty-eight days later and I am starting to run out of ideas. I will need to start planing my shots ahead otherwise I will be in the same situation as I was on last Wednesday. Panicking, looking around the house for something to photograph. Finally after searching high and low, I decided to take pictures of some Peruvian handicrafts which we gave away to our guests as wedding favours. This is my favourite of the two designs. I love the rich colours, the birds and flowers designs.

Mates Burilados

Mate Burilado

Day 85 – White Roses

Today I received my wedding bouquet. My mother-in-law sent it away after our wedding so it could be preserved. It has been a couple of years since our wedding but due to some communication problems we were not able to get it sorted sooner. I got an email yesterday letting me know it was on its way. I was very much looking forward to seeing them. The process of freeze drying and preservation can take a minimum of 30 weeks. I was able to include our wedding invitation and order of service within the frame, it looks beautiful. It definitely brings some lovely memories back.

The roses look just as beautiful as they did on the day while the Peonies don’t look as lively. I guess some flowers preserve better than others. Below are some picture I took of the roses.

White Rose

Preserved Wedding Bouquet

Day 31 – Fairytale Shoes

For a lot of girls planning their wedding buying the wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting things they will get to do.

Although, for me buying the shoes was far more exciting. It was in Harrods where I found my fairytale shoes. As soon as I saw them I knew they were going to be the ones. I love shoes but I specially love these ones. They are perfect!

Casadei Pumps

Casadei Pumps

Pretty Favours

Hi again! It has been a while. The lack of posts is because I went back to my country for a short holiday. I say short because the time I spend there is never enough. I had planned to do a post before we left but with last-minute preparations I couldn’t find the time.

While in Peru, we had a few specials occasions to celebrate. One of them was my mum’s birthday and the second one was our Catholic wedding. We got married here in the UK but only a few of my family members were able to come, hence the decision to also celebrate with all my family and friends over in Peru.

The weeks before leaving were quite hectic, we were trying to find the right favours to take to Peru. We wanted something very British. My mum did the same when we had the wedding here. She brought some small Peruvian crafts called ‘Mates Burilados’. They were beautifully handmade in my birth town of Huancayo. They were as far as I could tell a success with all the guests.

After spending many hours browsing the internet we finally found the perfect favours; small pots of jam and crackers. The pots of jam were decorated with Union Jacks and it celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and the small silver wedding crackers were the right addition. I came across Christmas crackers here in Britain and I love them! Here are the photos I took of the pretty favours 😉