Day 330- Framing

I took this photo on a Tuesday afternoon after work; I used the leaves of the hedge to frame the field and the sun getting ready to set.

Just before the sunset


Day 328 – Orange

Another autumn inspired post, this time is a photo of some beautiful orange roses.

Orange Rose

Day 327 – Autumn Leaves

Here is another Autumny picture, it was taken outside our house. We have lots and lots of leaves to pick up! I have done it once already but there is still more outside.

Autumn Leaves

Day 326 – Pine Cone

Autumn is my second favourite season, I love the colours, love that is cold enough to turn the fire on and the crisp clear mornings. My mother-in-law gave me these pine cones, a little something to decorate our log basket 🙂

Pine Cone

City of Love – Part2

This is the last instalment of my Paris images with the new layout. I was considering deleting the post City of Love but have decided against it. It will show my progress as I learn more about blogging. Since I am posting these images again, I have decided to write more about our trip.

We spent about a week in Paris, it gave us enough time to explore the main attractions the city has to offer. We stayed in a hotel near the Gare du Nord; for the first few days we walked everywhere. It gave us the opportunity to discover the streets of Paris. We got as far as Le Panthéon on the south and the Basilique du Sacre Coeur to the north-west. It was while we were walking we discovered a Colombian and Peruvian Restaurant were we stopped and had lunch and dinner. Any opportunity I get to have South American food, I just take it with both hands (we live in Cheshire and the closest Peruvian restaurant is in London). We also discovered markets, coffee shops, and small bakeries were we stopped to sample French food.

On our third day we took a day trip to the Chateau de Versailles, it was on my list of places that I must go and see. The Hall of Mirrors and the Gardens were my highlights. The Grand Canal and the views behind were as beautiful as I imagined it.

We decided to save the Eiffel Tower until our last day. We kept getting glances of it as we explored the city and it was going to be like the cherry on top of our cake. I have to say it didn’t disappoint, it is an impressive piece of architecture and history. I got a bit emotional once we arrived not only because Mark proposed but also because it meant so much to me being there, it was a dream coming true.

We enjoyed Paris so much we kept thinking how great it would be to live in such a beautiful city and get to discover all those hidden gems. We could have easily gotten used to every afternoon sitting outside a coffee shop, drinking coffee and watching the world go by.

City of Love – Part 1

For the last couple of days, I have been working on a better way to display my pictures. I have taken inspiration from a blog I used to visit every single day when I was planning my wedding. Working the code out and putting it together involved a lot of hard work but I was quite happy when I managed to crack it!

I really would appreciate your thoughts 🙂


Paris Falling Leaves

I am in the middle of editing some pictures I took in Paris back in 2009. I thought I may share a quick sneak peek of what is to come in a few days…most certainly to be completed by the weekend.

Notre Dame de Paris