Day 310 – Kitchen

The room we finished unpacking first was the kitchen. We were lucky, two of the most important rooms in the house (important to us anyway) were complete. They don’t need renovating or redecorating, the fittings and everything else are pretty new. The first time we came to see the house, the kitchen pretty much won me over. It was a sunny afternoon and the sun kept shining through the window. It was beautiful and at that moment I pictured myself spending time there. It is also the perfect size, everything is within reach. I used to struggle in our previous kitchen as all the cabinets were very high and I am petite Peruvian, so yes I used to use a step to reach the top of them.

Here is my picture for day 308.


And here is the whole picture πŸ™‚



Day 309 – Pretty Blue Curtains

Our new house needs a lot of modernization; curtains, carpets, wallpapers, etc. All the curtains except for one set are gone. Below is the picture of the ones that are staying. I love them! πŸ™‚


Day 308 – More wooden beams

Another busy day unpacking and trying to shift everything to either the garage or one of the empty rooms upstairs.


Day 306 – Moving Day

For the second time this year we moved houses; this time everything went faster and we were done at around 6pm. We had my parents-in-law over to help again plus my brother-in-law, who was kind enough to help us on his day off work. We are both very grateful towards them.

After a very long day working the only picture I managed to take was of the ceiling (taken from a very comfy sofa). One of things that attracted us to the our new home was the lovely wooden beams and here is a picture of them πŸ™‚

Wooden Beams

Day 305 – We got the keys!

This was the day we got the keys to our new home. After four months since we first saw it and after lots of highs and lows, we had finally got to the end of the line. We shared this picture with our friends and now I am sharing it with you.

We had already decided that we would spend the night there, even though it was still like a building site inside. We took our mattress and a quilt, we took some plates, cutlery and a bottle of champagne. We got a Chinese takeaway and enjoy our first meal there; we ate and drank standing up in the kitchen as it was the only room on the ground floor that was all done and clean. We slept in the smallest room in the house because it was the cozziest. We took a small heater with us because we couldn’t turn the heating on, the radiators had been removed. It was a fantastic night and one I will always remember. We had finally arrived to our dream home πŸ™‚

Hawthorn Cottage

Day 293 – Remembering…

On this day after four months, we got to see our house again. The owner and his wife invited us to come and see it. A lot had changed since we saw it last, work had been done and the whole of downstairs had to be re-plastered. The carpet had been removed, there were no radiators and everything was very dusty. We still loved it though. It was and still is the perfect house for us πŸ™‚

I had changed the address of some of our mail and on this day I got given post with our new address. It was very exciting and made everything just a little more real as we were still a few weeks away from moving in.

Hawthorn Cottage

Day 244 – Boxes

We spent a lot of our days during the month of July packing our house. By the end of the month most of our living and dining room were full of just boxes. There was barely any space to walk so here is a picture from the outside of our living room.


Day 232 – Packing

I was very much looking forward to packing our house away and at the same time decluttering. On this day we started packing our living room and dining room. They were the easiest rooms to pack as everything went into boxes. The two rooms I found the hardest to pack were the kitchen and our bedroom as we had to separate everything in two lots. One of them was full of things we were going to need while at our friends’ house and the other lot was full of things that were not going to be needed until we got to our new house. As we were packing I took a few pictures and the one below is my favourite.

Easter Island Statue

And here is a pic of one of the packed boxes.

Packed box