52 Project – W2: Clouds

Hubby’s thoughts behind last week’s theme was… “It’s been raining a lot lately, so there are plenty clouds around for you take pictures of!”.

I should know now that things don’t always work the way you plan them, specially when it comes to the weather. I had planned to leave the picture-taking until the weekend as I would have more time to spend on it. Saturday morning was spent tidying the house and the afternoon with family so I didn’t really have a chance to go outside and look for clouds.

Sunday was going to be the day! I woke up early and went straight to the window to look outside and yep there was a cloud, one single grey cloud covering the sky as far as the eye could see! Hubby and I went out to Tatton Park and walked around for a few hours but still things didn’t look any better. I decided half way through our walk to change this week’s topic to something else as the original one wasn’t going to work! I took the pictures and made my way back to the house.

Once at home, I was looking through my pictures when I saw the picture below. I had taken it a few days earlier with my phone, without realizing I had taken a picture with this week’s topic.

It was Friday afternoon when I returned from work, I got out of my car to walk to the house when I saw the sunset below. I took my phone out and took this one single picture, one single shot and it turned out quite nicely 🙂

Happy Pancake Day to everyone!

Sunset clouds


Day 312- Orange Skies

Our new home is located in a semi-rural location and the countryside around is breathtaking. Every morning as I walk to my car I see something different, whether it may just be the fields, a tractor or a tree. Even the sky looks more beautiful. I guess it is because nothing is on the way, nothing that stops me from just standing there, taking it all in and admiring it.

Orange Skies

Day 227 – Rooftops

It has been three weeks since we moved to our friends’ empty house and it has also been three weeks since we had internet. Not having internet has had some positive and negative points. I’ve had more time to do some reading and keeping up with house chores but I have been really missing blogging.

On Day 227 we had a very chilled day, we watched some shows and as we finished I went up the stairs and saw this very impressive sunset. The photo below was taken in our old house and over the last eight years I have seen some pretty sunsets from our bedroom window. I will really miss our old house but I am very much looking forward to moving to our new home and to the new memories we will create there.

Sunset over the rooftops.

Day 186 – Road to Cornwall

Last Friday was a long day. As soon as I finished work hubby picked me up and we made our way to Cornwall. It took around six hours and arrived at St. Austell at around 11:00pm. As soon as we arrived we went to meet our friends at a pub nearby for a catch up. I got to my hotel room at nearly 1:00 am and as I was getting ready to go to sleep there was a moment of panic. I hadn’t taken my camera out at all that day. I spent the next five minutes trying to figure out what to do. In my head I had failed, after all this time a busy day had won.

Half an hour later hubby arrived to our room. I told him about my situation and he was very quick to remind me that I had taken some photos with my iPhone on our way down. I looked at my phone and there they were, four photos I took of some very moody clouds. Here it is Day 186.


Day 114 – Trees on Fire

Tonight before dinner hubby and I went for a walk by the Mersey and Trent canal. The skies looked like they were on Fire and the sunset was simply amazing. Sadly by the time I got to the spot I wanted to take pictures at the sun had set. Nevertheless, I took some pictures of some angry-looking clouds and some trees that looked like they were on fire.

Trees silhouettes

Trees Silhouettes

Day 72 – Anderton Boat Lift

Today hubby and I went to the Anderton Boat lift to take some pictures. I was hoping for there to be some boats making use of the lift but there were none. The clouds started to look angry so I didn’t hang around for too long. I am really enjoying being at home this week, we are painting the house and I am working on some projects. I also cooked tea tonight and it was turn for another Peruvian dish called ‘Carapulcra’ (picture posted on twitter if you fancy taking a look).

Picture today is of the Anderton Boat Lift.

Anderton Boat Lift