Chatsworth House

We went to Chatsworth House around this time last year. The picture below was taken on the grounds overlooking the stone bridge that gives access to house. We have been to Chatsworth a few times and both of us love visiting, we love walking around the grounds and visiting the local farm shop. We always make sure we visit the shop before we make our way home as the meat is fresh and very tasty!

Chatsworth House Grounds

I was very busy last week and wasn’t able to take any pictures for the 52 week challenge, I hope to continue with it this week. Hubby has kindly offered to choose the subjects for each week and this week’s subject is…Clouds!


Instagram Friday

Below are my favourite Instagram pictures of the past week. On Sunday we went for a meal with hubby’s brother and his girlfriend. It was the first time the four of us got together and had a good chat. We also bought some Daffodils, I am surprised to see them in the shops so early in the year. They are so pretty and lift the mood of the house in these grey winter days.

We are getting our floors fitted this weekend and are super exited! Can’t wait to see it all finished as it is one of the last big things we are getting done in the cottage for the time being. What plans do you have for this weekend? Do you have any exiting news to share?

Hope you all have had a fantastic week!


Sun Rays

I took this picture exactly on this day a year ago. It was taken at Delamere Forest on a Frosty morning, I didn’t have a chance to share it so here it goes.

Delamere Forest

I will also be sharing with you my favourite Instagram pictures every Friday. So make sure you keep checking the blog!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Day 100 – One Hundred Days Later

Yay, I have reached Day 100! Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and after a few days (seems like weeks) of nothing but grey skies I was so thankful for the sunshine! Coming from South America I find it very hard to be cheery during dark days. I feel like I need the sunshine and probably I do since I need to replenish my Vitamin D intake.

Tonight, yet again, I tried to make it home just in time to take some pictures of the Sunset. I got stuck on traffic and by the time I got home the sun had set and the skies had lost its colour. I still made my way to Marbury park, set my tripod and took some photos of Budworth Mere. Below are two of my fave pics.

Budworth Mere

Tree Silhouette

Day 34 – Tatton Park

I love days out! We always try to fill our weekends with lots of fun things to do. Today we went to Tatton Park in Knutsford to visit the Dickensian Christmas Mansion. The house was decorated and had characters from Dickens’ Christmas novels. They had carol singers and storytellers. It was very entertaining and beautiful

After visiting the Mansion we went for a walk around the park. It has been raining a lot this week so there were quite a few temporary ponds around the park. My picture today was taken as we were walking towards Tatton Park’s Old Hall.

Tatton Park

Day 13 – Winter Beauties

I’ve been staying at my in-laws for the last couple of days as they live very close to the hospital where hubby was admitted to. Today’s picture was taken at their garden and these beautiful flowers are called Winter Jasmine. They are very special as they were originally at his grandmother’s house. They bring lots of colour to the garden in these grey rainy days.

Winter Jasmine