Day 328 – Orange

Another autumn inspired post, this time is a photo of some beautiful orange roses.

Orange Rose


Day 300 – Rose Petal

Even after they have fallen from a rose, petals still look very beautiful and delicate. Here is a picture of one just after it fell on the floor.

Rose Petal

Day 251 – Rain and Tamales

Peru’s Independence Day is on the 28th of July but because this fell on a Sunday, the party was held on the 27th. I spent the 28th of July on my own as hubby had gone to Cambridge to visit some friends and I spent the day eating tamales (shredded chicken or pork covered in a corn-based dough and all wrapped in banana leaves) and talking to my family on Skype. It was raining most of the day so I only dared going as far as to my garden to take some pictures. Below is my picture for the day and also a picture of a Tamal! πŸ™‚

Rose petal

and here is a picture of a Tamal πŸ™‚


Day 190 – Red Rose

Another one of my favourite flowers is the rose. If I could, I would fill my garden entirely of roses, peonies, ranunculus and anemones. The rose pictured below is in a small pot in our dining room. The flowers are quite small but very beautiful.

Red Rose

Day 99 – Delicate

Hubby bought me some flowers a few days ago. They are starting to open up and they look so beautiful that I couldn’t help but to photograph them.


Peach colour rose

Day 85 – White Roses

Today I received my wedding bouquet. My mother-in-law sent it away after our wedding so it could be preserved. It has been a couple of years since our wedding but due to some communication problems we were not able to get it sorted sooner. I got an email yesterday letting me know it was on its way. I was very much looking forward to seeing them. The process of freeze drying and preservation can take a minimum of 30 weeks. I was able to include our wedding invitation and order of service within the frame, it looks beautiful. It definitely brings some lovely memories back.

The roses look just as beautiful as they did on the day while the Peonies don’t look as lively. I guess some flowers preserve better than others. Below are some picture I took of the roses.

White Rose

Preserved Wedding Bouquet