Day 235 – Grease

Our friend Chris is a teacher at a high school near our old home. Every Christmas and end of year they put on a show and this year was the turn for Grease. They always put on fantastic show and this year was no exception. Every year the show is bigger and better and this year they went as far as putting a car on stage. The cast was fantastic, specially the girl playing Rizzo, she did a fantastic job. Here is a picture I took at the end of the show.

Grease Lightning


Day 166 – The Fun Fair

On day 166, after I arrived from work we made our way to a Fun Fair in Knutsford. It was getting dark when we got there and decided to have a look around before choosing what rides or games we wanted to do. We went to the mirror house, the haunted house, ate lots of candy floss and had a go at fishing some ducks…with no luck 😦

Neither of us are very good with fast rides but we had lots of fun looking at other people having a go at them!

Here is a picture of one of the rides, just looking how high it went made me weak at the knees!

Fun Fair

Day 122 – Speed of Light

On Thursday evening we went to Salford for the ‘Speed of Light’ event. The event was first seen at the Edinburgh International Festival. The event consists of runners (wearing specially commissioned LED light suits) creating choreographed patterns of light through streets of Salford Quays. For more info please visit the following site:

The event was unique and spectacular. There were lots of people with cameras and tripods running around following the runners. I really enjoyed myself considering it was a very cold windy night. Here are some of the pictures I took that night.

Salford Quays

Media City

Speed of Light

Speed of Light, Salford Quays

Speed of Light, BBC

Runners cooling down

Day 79 – A Different Angle

We went to Winnington Village on ‘Day 45’ to take pictures of Wallerscote Island.

Today I tried to make it home just in time for Sunset but did not arrive home until 6:00pm. It was a bit late for a sunset but as the skies still had a bit light on them, we decided to visit Marbury Park. We walked towards one of the canals in which you get to see Wallerscote Island from a different angle. It was very hard to choose just one picture so tonight I am sharing three instead. I hope to submit this picture for a local competition, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me which one is your favourite. If I win I get to choose the subject for the next competition!

Here it goes Wallerscote Island from a different angle.

Trent and Mersey Canal

Wallerscote Island

Wallerscote Island

Day 78 – Painting with Light

I have been wanting to do ‘Light Painting’ again since I had a go on my ‘Day 3‘ post. I bought some glow sticks a while ago and today was just the right day to test them out (it has been snowing all day and it is very cold outside).

Hubby helped with the first ones but then I was on my own (he plays football on Tuesdays). I put some music on and then the panting started. I have to say I really enjoyed it. My drawing skills need some practice though!

My favourite shot of the night!

Light Painting - Orchid

Below are some the others…

First attempt:

First attempt

Hubby’s turn to have a go!

Hubby's painting

Adding a bit of colour:


Day 77 – Trails

Tonight I went back to the motorway to have another go at light trails. It was slightly windy but pictures look better than they did last time. As I was getting ready to return home I noticed we had a clear sky. I asked hubby if we could drive to Shakerley Mere to have a go at a star trail. I took a couple of pictures of the Mere before setting up for the star trail. I set the camera, clicked the remote control, a few minutes passed and then the clouds covered the northern star. I think we were there for about 5 minutes, not long enough to get a decent trail. I suppose there is always tomorrow.

M6 Light Trails

Shakerley Mere

Day 67 – Can You Guess?

After a few hours of travelling we arrived at our destination at around 5pm. We took a taxi to our hotel and after having settled in, we decided to go for a walk. We had some food while we were out. I ordered a dish called ‘Chicon au Gratin’ with mashed potatoes. It was a new dish for me and was glad I ordered something completely different.

The picture below was taken while were out walking. Can you guess where I am?

European City

Day 29 – Foggy Nights

No, fog is not one of the things I love. Foggy nights are a bit creepy and don’t like them when I am driving on dark country roads. Although, fog can make quite an interesting photography subject.

Tonight the fog was quite heavy so I decided to leave my ‘Things I love’ subject aside (just for tonight) and take some pictures outside. Here are two my fave pics of tonight.

Northwich roads at night.

Foggy night

Day 25 – Ribbons, baubles, lights and a tree.

Finally after a lot of good fun work, I have finished decorating my tree and the rest of my living room. I have also managed to tidy the one single corner ready for the picture! πŸ˜‰

Husband always insists on adding more colour to our tree but with quite strong colourful walls in our living room, I don’t think it would make a good combination. I did say to him that next year he can decorate the tree. (I’ve been promising this for a couple of years)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Christmas tree


Day 23 – Sparkles

Time does fly when you are having fun. Christmas tree decoration is still in progress. Lights, ribbons and some baubles are in place. Still needs a bit more work though. Hope to have the tree done by tomorrow and the picture posted as well.

Glass baubles