Manchester Graffiti Art

Last year I went to a photography course in Manchester, we went around the streets of the Northern Quarter and took pictures of anything that caught our attention. There are lots to see around the Northern Quarter, especially the street art. Here are my two favourite pictures of the street art I saw on this day.

Street Art



Day 343 – Starfish

Here is another picture of one the souvenirs we go in Devon πŸ™‚


Day 337 – Painting

The picture below was taken just before we started decorating our bedroom. The walls were bare and ready for painting and wallpapering. We are nearly done and can’t believe how different it looks!

Day 334 getting ready to paint!


Below is a picture of the before and will post a picture of the after once we finish.

Master Bedroom

Day 334 – Abererch

This was our second day in Wales, during the morning we went for a walk around the camp. While on our walk, I took lots of picture and the below is my favourite.


Hubby also took some pictures, here is one of his pictures (rabbit poo!).

Rabbit poo

Day 317 – Necklace

I love wearing scarfs in winter and during the summer I like wearing pretty necklaces. The necklace pictured below is one of my favourite. It’s not an expensive necklace, it’s one I bought in a high street shop a couple of years ago. I love the pretty cameo butterfly!


Day 308 – More wooden beams

Another busy day unpacking and trying to shift everything to either the garage or one of the empty rooms upstairs.


Day 306 – Moving Day

For the second time this year we moved houses; this time everything went faster and we were done at around 6pm. We had my parents-in-law over to help again plus my brother-in-law, who was kind enough to help us on his day off work. We are both very grateful towards them.

After a very long day working the only picture I managed to take was of the ceiling (taken from a very comfy sofa). One of things that attracted us to the our new home was the lovely wooden beams and here is a picture of them πŸ™‚

Wooden Beams

Day 303 – Cabbage Flower

I really like this flower, it is very unusual and pretty. The only problem is that after a few days it can get very smelly. We got some before, walked into a room and the smell was very bad; we had started blaming the cat until we realized it was the plant.

Cabbage Flower

Day 282 – Monochrome

Here is a picture of our friend’s living room. It is a big and airy room with huge wall to wall glass doors that allow a lot of light in.


Day 270 – Cup of tea

When I moved to England, I found the idea of having tea with milk a little strange. The tea we get in Peru is not very suitable for drinking with milk, its more fruity. The first time I had a cuppa, I found the flavor of the tea very strong and to be honest I didn’t like it.

It has been eight year since I moved to England and have to admit that I have grown to love tea with milk. I usually have it in the mornings with breakfast, sometimes have a cup of two at work and most evenings I’ll have one with a biscuit. Oh yeah I love the good old cup of tea πŸ™‚

A cup of tea