Day 215 – Breathtakingly Beautiful Florence

Florence was by far my favourite city in Italy. We were there three days and wish we had more time. As we walked around the city, it just kept on surprising me with something new and beautiful; the buildings, streets, bridges, the art and even the Gelato we had there was delicious! It was very hard to choose one picture and I think the picture I chose at the end summarizes its beauty. Somehow even a sunset looks more beautiful in Florence.

Sunset taken at Ponte Vecchio.


Day 122 – Speed of Light

On Thursday evening we went to Salford for the ‘Speed of Light’ event. The event was first seen at the Edinburgh International Festival. The event consists of runners (wearing specially commissioned LED light suits) creating choreographed patterns of light through streets of Salford Quays. For more info please visit the following site:

The event was unique and spectacular. There were lots of people with cameras and tripods running around following the runners. I really enjoyed myself considering it was a very cold windy night. Here are some of the pictures I took that night.

Salford Quays

Media City

Speed of Light

Speed of Light, Salford Quays

Speed of Light, BBC

Runners cooling down

Day 120 – After the Sunset

Hubby took this whole week off to paint the doors around our house. The smell of paint was very strong so we went out for a long walk just so we could get some fresh air. We went to Marbury Park and I took a few pictures while we were there.



Winnington Works

Carden's Ferry Bridge

Day 95 – Town Bridge

Tonight I went to town to take some pictures. Once there I headed straight towards the Town Bridge. I have driven across it for a few years now and until tonight I have never stopped to look at it properly. The bridge was built in 1899 and it was one of the first electric-powered swing bridges in Great Britain. I have never seen it in action but I really would love to!

Happy Weekend to everyone!

Town Bridge

Day 83 – Dutton Horse Bridge

Today we went for a walk in Dutton Cheshire. It had been raining all they way and we got completely soaked. We usually follow a path that takes us in a big circle. As we got half way through the path we came to a stop as the path ahead had been damaged by the recent weather. There was a big hole in the ground in the middle of the Mersey and Trent canal. Here is a link to a site where you can see the damage. We had to turn back and return the same way. I enjoy following this path as it takes us past Dutton Viaduct and the Horse Bridge. My picture today is of the Horse Bridge and the Viaduct.

Dutton Horse Bridge

Timber twin-span footbridge

Dutton Viaduct

Day 26 – Salford Quays

Tonight husband and I went to The Lowry to see a White Christmas. It is a beautiful play and we both enjoyed it. I loved the message and in those nights I can’t sleep, I will count my blessings instead of sheep.

Tonight I took a couple of pictures that I would like to share with you.

Salford Quays

Irving Berlin's White Christmas at The Lowry

These cards were made by children in Salford Quays.

Salford Quays