Dee Marshes

The photo below was taken in February last year. The sky was looking very much like it did this past Sunday, grey and not very interesting at all!

The picture I posted for this day as part of Project 365 was ‘The sheep on the marshes’. During the duration of the project, I had to very quickly pick just one picture of all the ones I had taken on a day and post it. Most of the time some of the pictures didn’t even get a second look as I was in too much of a hurry! I am enjoying looking at those pictures now, spending some time editing and appreciating them.

Dee Marshes


Day 342 – Lilies and roses

Day 339 was one of those busy days that I didn’t have enough time to think about the picture I was going to take. I rushed and took a photo of the first thing that caught my eye. Not a great result! ๐Ÿ˜›

Lilies and roses

Day 322 – Waiting for them to open…

I love getting lilies as they last for a very long time. These in particular, they took a very long time to open. Even though they were not open for days, they still looked very nice.


Day 297 – Pink Chrysanthemum

Here is a picture of a pink Chrysanthemum taken with my phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pink Chrysanthemum

Day 289 – Moving on from automatic

Up to this day I had been using my flashgun in the automatic setting. I don’t really like reading manuals and I didn’t want to change the settings that would make it impossible for me to use it or force me to read the manual. Anyway on this evening I was feeling particularly adventurous (plus I was having problems photographing these flowers, the light coming out of the flash was too bright!) and decided to have a play around with the manual settings. I found out it wasn’t that difficult and it’s actually better as now I can decide the quantity light coming from the flash.


Day 279 – Bumblebee

Here is a picture of a bumblebee collecting pollen in my parents-in-law garden.


Day 275 – Grass Pods

This was a very boring Wednesday with not a lot going on. I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures of the plants I saw. The picture below is of a nice looking ornamental grass.

Grass Seeds

Day 268 – Cactus

I can’t remember when or where we got this plant from but I like it. People that live in Peruvian highlands keep a cactus plant in their homes to protect them from bad vibes. There are lots of cacti in the Peruvian Andes. The highlands are very high and dry so these are some of the very few plants that can survive there.

Cactus plant

Day 266 – Purple

The shrub picture below was planted at our friend’s house. The bees love its flowers, there were lots around it. Their garden had mostly shrubs but it had been well looked after. It was very different to our previous garden, ours was a bit messier and more colourful thanks to all the flowers we had.

Purple flowers

Day 245 – Hot Pink

This pretty rose bush used to sit at the front of our old house. We planted it a few years ago and it was back then a small plant; over the years it has grown a lot and gone a little wild. We have hardly cut it back as we want it to cover an empty spot; when we left it was at full bloom. Here is a picture of its pretty pink roses.

Hot pink roses