52 Project – W1: Valentine’s Day

We went to Edinburgh a few years ago, we didn’t stay for very long because we had Penny with us. The few hours we spent there were not enough to be able to truly appreciate how beautiful it is.

Last weekend, we spent three days in Edinburgh and yet feel we did not see everything it has to offer. We spent most of Friday at the zoo, both hubby and I had been looking forward to seeing the pandas, in the evening we went for a meal at Kyloe Steak Restaurant & Grill. The meal was amazing, it had been a long time since we had such a great steak. We spent Saturday morning at Edinburgh Castle and walking around the Royal Mile in the afternoon. Most of Sunday we spent it at Holyroodhouse Palace.

The theme for my first week of the 52 Project was Valentine’s Day and as I mentioned on last Friday’s post, I found it difficult and did not capture what I was hoping to. The picture below was taken in the gardens of Holyroodhouse Palace. The picture is of a couple of friends walking side by side, valentine’s day is not only about love between couples but also about friendship.

Holyrood Palace Gardens


Sun Rays

I took this picture exactly on this day a year ago. It was taken at Delamere Forest on a Frosty morning, I didn’t have a chance to share it so here it goes.

Delamere Forest

I will also be sharing with you my favourite Instagram pictures every Friday. So make sure you keep checking the blog!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Day 356 – Sun and trees

I took this photo just as we were going out. The views around our home never get old, there always seems to be something beautiful to photograph.

Sun and trees

Day 334 – Abererch

This was our second day in Wales, during the morning we went for a walk around the camp. While on our walk, I took lots of picture and the below is my favourite.


Hubby also took some pictures, here is one of his pictures (rabbit poo!).

Rabbit poo

Day 175 – Birtles Lane

Last Monday after returning home from work (45 minutes drive), I realized I had forgotten some important papers at work. I needed those papers next morning so I had to go back there. Hubby kindly decided to join me and do the driving, something I was so thankful for as it is a long drive through narrow country lanes. On our way back we stopped on the side of the road and took some pictures around Birtles Lane. The views are very pretty. (iPhone pics)

Views from Birtles Lane

Some pretty Daffodils on the side of the road…

Daffodils Reflection

Day 170 – Cherry Blossom Trees

Last Wednesday we went for a short walk around the grounds of where Marbury Hall used to be. The Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom, their petals had cover some of the grass and it looked very pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

Cherry Blossom Trees

Day 163 – Back to the Dragonfly Pond

On Day 163, hubby and I went back to the Dragonfly Pond to see if we could see any dragonflies. It was the first day in which the sun was out, it was warm outside and it actually felt like spring. We didn’t see any dragonflies, but we saw lots birds and bees flying around. I took a picture of this pond previously in Day 97, as you will be able to see a lot has changed in the last two months. Here is my favourite picture of the day.

Dragonfly Pond

Two more pictures I would like to share with you from Day 163.

Spring Flowers


Day 145 – Garden Visitors

It seems like spring has finally arrived. The weather was warmer this weekend and we have had lots of birds in our garden. Yesterday I caught these two little visitors.


Tom Cat

Day 142 – Marbury Hall

Yesterday hubby and I went for a walk to Marbury Park. We walked around where Marbury Hall used to be. The house was demolished in 1968 after it deteriorated over the years. It saddens me when buildings with lots of history are destroyed; all that history that the house held is now lost. All that remains now are just a few pictures and an empty plot.

Marbury state is a country Park now and although a great part of its history has been lost, we get to enjoy that beauty of the park with all its wildlife around.


Path towards Maarbury Hall

Day 134 – When the Night Falls

I had a very busy day yesterday. I have joined a local gym and I am hoping to go at least 4 or 5 days a week. Yesterday was my third day going and I am loving it. I have joined with my friend Sarah and I hope we can keep each other motivated.

Last night, I went to the Mersey and Trent Canal to take some pictures. It was quite dark by the time I got there which was perfect as I had not taken pictures of the canal at night. I like both of the pictures below and couldn’t decide on one so here it goes Day 134.

Canal by night

Canal by night