Dee Marshes

The photo below was taken in February last year. The sky was looking very much like it did this past Sunday, grey and not very interesting at all!

The picture I posted for this day as part of Project 365 was ‘The sheep on the marshes’. During the duration of the project, I had to very quickly pick just one picture of all the ones I had taken on a day and post it. Most of the time some of the pictures didn’t even get a second look as I was in too much of a hurry! I am enjoying looking at those pictures now, spending some time editing and appreciating them.

Dee Marshes


Day 168 – Bank Holiday Monday

Day 168 was a bank holiday here in the UK and it was an absolutely beautiful day. We went over to my in-laws for the first barbecue of the year (and I hope is not the last one, weather has not been great ever since!). We sat outside sunbathing and chatting while we waited for my father-in-law to cook the burgers and sausages. I love sunny days, my Latino blood needs the sun to keep my body running. We all had a great time and truly enjoyed the bank holiday. At the end of the day, we made our way to the Marshes to take some pictures and as it was to be expected we saw a beautiful sunset. Can’t wait for the next bank holiday πŸ™‚

Wirral Marshes

More pictures I took that afternoon…

lock and fence



Day 132 – Easter Sunday

Our Easter weekend was great, it was good spending some quality time with the family. On Sunday evening before we made our way home, we stopped by Parkgate to get some pictures of the twilight. Here it is my picture for Day 132.

Twilight - Parkgate, Wirral

I would also like to share the lovely table decorations my mother-in-law prepared for Sunday. Everything was very lovely πŸ™‚

Easter Sunday - Daffodils

Day 131 – Rays of Sun

On Saturday afternoon we took Penny for a walk to the Dee Marshes in the Wirral. The sun was shining, it was a glorious afternoon. The sunset was simply beautiful and after months of trying to capture it, I finally got it!

I took lots of pictures that afternoon and the picture below is my favourite of the day.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Rays of Sun, Dee Marshes

Day 96 – Parkgate

We were meant to be going to Crosby beach yesterday afternoon. We made our way to hubby’s parent house first to pick a few items before we headed to Liverpool when it started to snow. It was light but once we got to the Wirral we decided to postpone our trip to Crosby. Instead we took Penny for a walk to Parkgate. It is a lovely place to visit over the summer as there is an amazing Ice Cream Shop. Nicholls Famous Ice Cream shop offers lots of different delicious flavours, my favourite is coconut!

Can’t wait until the summer, I am tired of the cold weather and I need some sunshine! Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend!

The Parade, Pargate

Day 76 – Sheep on the Marshes

Hubby, brother-in-law, Penny and I went for a long walk along the Dee Marshes today. There are usually lots of birds around the marshes but today we mostly saw sheep. Penny loves going on long walks, specially when there are lots of puddles for her to play in and get completely dirty. She was exhausted after her walk so as soon as we got home she took herself to bed and slept most of the afternoon. My picture today is of the sheep around the marshes.

Sheep on the Dee marshes