Day 241 – First Quarter

The picture below was taken on the 18th of July and this was the phase of the moon on that night. I always wanted to take a picture of the moon but I could never find the right time, either because the sky was cloudy or it was too cold outside for me. I took the picture below in our old house and it was a very hard subject to photograph. Here is my best photo of the night taken with my 55-200mm lens.

First Quarter Moon


Day 179 – Night Time

Last Friday I attempted to capture my garden on a different light. I decided to take pictures of it when it was dark and only used a flash light to help me focus. The shots I got were not exactly what I was hoping for; light from the streets filtered through and the sky doesn’t look as dark as I hoped. Anyway here is my best shot of the night.


Day 134 – When the Night Falls

I had a very busy day yesterday. I have joined a local gym and I am hoping to go at least 4 or 5 days a week. Yesterday was my third day going and I am loving it. I have joined with my friend Sarah and I hope we can keep each other motivated.

Last night, I went to the Mersey and Trent Canal to take some pictures. It was quite dark by the time I got there which was perfect as I had not taken pictures of the canal at night. I like both of the pictures below and couldn’t decide on one so here it goes Day 134.

Canal by night

Canal by night

Day 129 – Sandbach

Sandbach is a market town located in Cheshire. We drove there on Thursday evening to take pictures around the square. Sandbach is a picturesque town, its pretty cobbled market square has two Saxon Crosses. The town dates back to 1086 when it was known as Sanbec.

Sandbach Cobbled Square

Day 122 – Speed of Light

On Thursday evening we went to Salford for the ‘Speed of Light’ event. The event was first seen at the Edinburgh International Festival. The event consists of runners (wearing specially commissioned LED light suits) creating choreographed patterns of light through streets of Salford Quays. For more info please visit the following site:

The event was unique and spectacular. There were lots of people with cameras and tripods running around following the runners. I really enjoyed myself considering it was a very cold windy night. Here are some of the pictures I took that night.

Salford Quays

Media City

Speed of Light

Speed of Light, Salford Quays

Speed of Light, BBC

Runners cooling down

Day 95 – Town Bridge

Tonight I went to town to take some pictures. Once there I headed straight towards the Town Bridge. I have driven across it for a few years now and until tonight I have never stopped to look at it properly. The bridge was built in 1899 and it was one of the first electric-powered swing bridges in Great Britain. I have never seen it in action but I really would love to!

Happy Weekend to everyone!

Town Bridge

Day 87 – A Candlelit Meal

I have been slacking for the last two days with my posts…oops!

On Thursday hubby and I went for a meal to one of our favourite restaurants, Gaucho Grill. The meal which I made on ‘Day 56’ came from this restaurant. Last time we went there was on our anniversary; the food on Thursday was just as delicious as the previous time. The atmosphere at Gaucho is very romantic and the service is excellent.

It was a wonderful night and we laughed so much, specially on our way back to the car. We walked right past our car, when we got to the place where we thought we left the car hubby panicked for a sec when he couldn’t find it. (FYI hubby didn’t drink because he was driving)

We came home late that night and after drinking cocktails and wine I was too tired to post anything.

The restaurant is very dark and it was very hard to take any pictures. I don’t like using flash. I had my 50mm lens on and raised the ISO to the max. Pictures are very grainy.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

Cinta de ancho

Ceviche sampler

Day 80 – Smoke

My first go at Smoke Photography. It was harder than I thought, I ended up taking about a hundred pictures. I definitely need more practice and incense!

Smoke photography

Day 79 – A Different Angle

We went to Winnington Village on ‘Day 45’ to take pictures of Wallerscote Island.

Today I tried to make it home just in time for Sunset but did not arrive home until 6:00pm. It was a bit late for a sunset but as the skies still had a bit light on them, we decided to visit Marbury Park. We walked towards one of the canals in which you get to see Wallerscote Island from a different angle. It was very hard to choose just one picture so tonight I am sharing three instead. I hope to submit this picture for a local competition, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me which one is your favourite. If I win I get to choose the subject for the next competition!

Here it goes Wallerscote Island from a different angle.

Trent and Mersey Canal

Wallerscote Island

Wallerscote Island

Day 77 – Trails

Tonight I went back to the motorway to have another go at light trails. It was slightly windy but pictures look better than they did last time. As I was getting ready to return home I noticed we had a clear sky. I asked hubby if we could drive to Shakerley Mere to have a go at a star trail. I took a couple of pictures of the Mere before setting up for the star trail. I set the camera, clicked the remote control, a few minutes passed and then the clouds covered the northern star. I think we were there for about 5 minutes, not long enough to get a decent trail. I suppose there is always tomorrow.

M6 Light Trails

Shakerley Mere