Belgium: Grand Place

The picture below was taken in Brussels’ Grand Place, it was taken in our second day there. Our hotel was just around the corner and we frequented this square a few times.

During our stay, we tried walking everywhere so we would get to know the city more. We tried to eat in restaurants that locals did and even tried food that weren’t sure what they were; this is the main reason I love travelling. It is to get to know the city or country and for a few days experience their lives, get to know their culture and try their food.

Here is Belgium’s Grand Place.

Grand Place, Belgium


Day 69 – The Last Day

We arrived home at midnight. We were both very tired and as soon as our heads hit the pillows we were fast asleep. There the reason ‘Day 69’ post is running a little bit late.

We had a great time in Belgium even though the weather was not in our favour. It was snowing most of the day on Saturday and on Sunday the rain did not stop until the afternoon. We managed to see and experience everything we wanted for our weekend there. I hope one day to go back and visit other cities and towns in Belgium. I took quite a few pictures yesterday and it was very hard to choose just one but this was one of my favourite.

Grand Place

Day 68 – Belgium’s Best

Today we had a very busy day visiting lots of local attractions. On our way back to our hotel we stopped at a pub to have a taster of six different Belgian beers. My favourite one was a Cherry flavoured one. My picture today is of our six taster beers.

Belgian Beers

Empty glasses