St. Pancras Station

The picture below was taken last year before we took the Eurostar to Belgium. We had arrived to the station very early, so we had plenty time to have some lunch and take some pictures around the station. The station is very impressive and also a great photography subject. This photo is my favourite of the bunch!

St. Pancras Station

Instagram Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Instagram Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Update 15th Feb: I am finding this week’s theme for the 52 week photography challenge very difficult. I have taken lots of pics with my phone but have struggle to capture anything with my Nikon. We have one more day … Continue reading

England: Devon and Somerset

The photo below may seem to have been taken in an exotic location but it was in fact taken in the South of England. After we came back from our short stay in India and before we were due back to work (with me feeling better after taking my antibiotics); we decided to take a short trip to the south of the country. We spent a couple of days in Devon and Somerset resting and enjoying the beautiful weather (an odd occurrence here in Britain). It was a mini honeymoon we got to have before going back to work.

England - Devon

Manchester Graffiti Art

Last year I went to a photography course in Manchester, we went around the streets of the Northern Quarter and took pictures of anything that caught our attention. There are lots to see around the Northern Quarter, especially the street art. Here are my two favourite pictures of the street art I saw on this day.

Street Art


Instagram Friday

Here are my Instagram photos of the week. The days are getting lighter, although the weather has taken a turn for the worst! It has rained most of the week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We are going to Edinburgh next weekend and I will be starting my 52 Week Photo Challenge then! My first topic will be: Valentine’s Day.


Wales: The Ffestiniog Railway

This is my travel Thursday post, we had a power cut yesterday and wasn’t able to finish my post.

My family came to England in 2011, it was the first time they were all here. Hubby and I decided to take them to see as much as we could in the three weeks they had here. We went to London, North Wales, Scotland, York and the Lake District. While in Wales, we took them on a steam train from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog. It was one of my favourite activities that we did while they were here, a very unique experience!

Here is my favourite photo of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

Welsh Countryside

…and here is a picture of the train!

Steam Train Wales

Trent and Mersey Canal

Boat at Trent and Mersey Canal

The picture above was taken in January last year. It was a beautiful sunny day, hubby and I went for a walk to the canal and got to enjoy the lovely weather.

Yesterday was also surprisingly sunny, after January being mostly wet and gray. February is looking a lot better! Hubby and I went to Knutsford’s Artisan Market. It is held on the first Sunday of every month and a number of local producers bring specialist products like wrought iron made products, cakes, sausages, bread, jewelry, radishes, etc. We had a good time and got to try lots of yummy food.

Going back to next year, I took the picture above on Day 57 while walking by the Trent and Mersey Canal and didn’t get to share it with you.

Instagram Friday

This week at work has been super busy, we had about three weeks in Jan when things calmed down and we were able to breath but it is all back to normal now. Being busy at work makes me want to just chill when I get home and not do much. So hubby is great and cooks four days a week while I do the other three. My lack of pictures this week just shows how tired I have been this past week! I hope to get used to the busyness at work and get back to doing more things in the evenings like taking pictures or sorting out the house. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


India: Qutb Complex, Delhi

The Qutb complex

I find it very hard to look at my pictures from India and for the last few years I have somehow managed to find reasons why not to edit them. Looking at the pictures now makes me very sad. We arranged to go there for our honeymoon and it was the country that we both had dreamed to visit.

A few days before our wedding, I got a bad throat and chest infection. I think it was mostly due to the stress and tiredness of planing a wedding (I am a perfectionist, so planning my perfect wedding took its toll on my body). The day before our wedding, I had lost my voice so we were all very worried that I wasn’t going to be able to say my vows. After gargling lots of tea, honey and lemon the night before; I managed to get some of some of my voice back. I was able to say my vows and thank our family and friends for joining us. Our wedding night wasn’t the romantic night we had hoped for, I spent it coughing and being sick. My poor husband had to be true to his vows (‘in sickness and in health’) very soon!

Thinking about it now, it wasn’t only the chest infection that made me so poorly. It was also the Malaria tablets that I had been taking that had not agreed with me at all.

Anyway, we still managed to get to the airport and fly to India the next morning. It was when we arrived to India that I noticed that I had left my antibiotics home. India was very hot and humid (Monsoon season), and it made me feel a million times worse. I got completely dehydrated, had a bad fever and my body wouldn’t stop shaking. Our first night there is just a blur. Because of it next morning we decided to return home.

Our flight was scheduled for the next day so we were able to see a little bit of Delhi. The picture below was taken in the Qutb complex, an area that hosts old monuments and buildings.

Not staying in India is one of my biggest regrets. I wish I had stayed and seen how my infection developed but I wasn’t thinking properly and just wanted to get home and rest. We are hoping to go back sometime in the future and resume our honeymoon but only time will tell…

Jodrell Bank Observatory

I took this picture on January last year. We live a little closer to the observatory now and get a nice view of it. I hope to go visit again soon!

Jodrell Bank Observatory