Some of you may have heard about the 100 Happy Days Challenge. If you would like to know more about it or take part click here.

The thing I like the most about this challenge is that whoever is taking part, will try to find something positive about each day and pay more attention to the little things that makes them happy. Today I was listening to some music on Spotify, the side bar gives you suggestions on other music you may also like. One of the suggestions was band I used to listen to when growing up, being able to listen to those songs again after 12 years brought a huge smile to my face. (sometimes it’s those little things that make you smile!)

The main reason behind me taking part on this challenge is to have a more positive outlook. In those days that I am finding it hard to smile, I will have to look for something around me that makes me happy. It will make me focus on those positive things rather than dwelling on the bad things or difficulties of every day life. If you fancy taking part or getting everyday updates about those little things that make me smile you can follow me on Instagram, remember if you are taking part to use ‘#100HAPPYDAYS’.

If you are not in Instagram, I will post a weekly update here in the blog!



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