India: Qutb Complex, Delhi

The Qutb complex

I find it very hard to look at my pictures from India and for the last few years I have somehow managed to find reasons why not to edit them. Looking at the pictures now makes me very sad. We arranged to go there for our honeymoon and it was the country that we both had dreamed to visit.

A few days before our wedding, I got a bad throat and chest infection. I think it was mostly due to the stress and tiredness of planing a wedding (I am a perfectionist, so planning my perfect wedding took its toll on my body). The day before our wedding, I had lost my voice so we were all very worried that I wasn’t going to be able to say my vows. After gargling lots of tea, honey and lemon the night before; I managed to get some of some of my voice back. I was able to say my vows and thank our family and friends for joining us. Our wedding night wasn’t the romantic night we had hoped for, I spent it coughing and being sick. My poor husband had to be true to his vows (‘in sickness and in health’) very soon!

Thinking about it now, it wasn’t only the chest infection that made me so poorly. It was also the Malaria tablets that I had been taking that had not agreed with me at all.

Anyway, we still managed to get to the airport and fly to India the next morning. It was when we arrived to India that I noticed that I had left my antibiotics home. India was very hot and humid (Monsoon season), and it made me feel a million times worse. I got completely dehydrated, had a bad fever and my body wouldn’t stop shaking. Our first night there is just a blur. Because of it next morning we decided to return home.

Our flight was scheduled for the next day so we were able to see a little bit of Delhi. The picture below was taken in the Qutb complex, an area that hosts old monuments and buildings.

Not staying in India is one of my biggest regrets. I wish I had stayed and seen how my infection developed but I wasn’t thinking properly and just wanted to get home and rest. We are hoping to go back sometime in the future and resume our honeymoon but only time will tell…


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