Day 243 – Cau-Cau

Earlier this year I met a Peruvian lady that lives in my same town we did. It was great meeting her as she introduced me to other Peruvian people living in the Northwest of England. It was surprising finding out there is a small community of Peruvians living in Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester. Every year on the 28th of July they all get together and celebrate our Country’s Independence Day. Since this was my first year attending the event I decided to volunteer and take a Peruvian dish to share with everyone. This was my first time cooking for a big group of people so I decided to practice making it a few times before the event. On Day 242 I had my first go and I was amazed with the results. Here is a picture I took of it. Cau-cau is dish made with yellow Peruvian chillies, chicken and potatoes. Very tasty!



3 thoughts on “Day 243 – Cau-Cau

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