Day 213 – Blue Venice

In the last two posts I have shared a few pictures of each day while hubby and I were travelling. It is taking me too long to edit the pictures as each day I took over 200 photos and I am falling more and more behind on my 365 posts. So from this post onwards I will only post one picture and hopefully whenever I have some spare time I’ll share with you all the photos from our trip to Italy.

To keep it short (as I hope to tell you more about each place we visited on a non Project 365 post). Venice was absolutely beautiful and so different to any other place I have visited. The first day we spent there was very hot. We kept taking lots of breaks as walking constantly was getting very hard. We did lots of walking on this day and I am glad as we got to see a lot of Venice. Here is my favourite picture of the day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and for those of you who live in the UK I hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather we are having ๐Ÿ™‚

Venice Canal


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