Day 211 – Eurostar to Paris

Day 211 was the first day of our summer holiday. We started our journey with a three and half hour train ride to London. We then had a three-hour stop over in London before our train to Paris. We decided to go for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien inside St. Pancras station. I loved the food, it was fresh and very tasty. I had a very healthy Avocado Tartine while hubby went for the Ham & Aged Gruyère. Below is the picture for day 211.

Avocado Tartine

Once in Paris, we decided to walk to our hotel. We thought it was close to the ‘Gare du Nord’ but it took us over 45 minutes to walk there.

View from our hotel room.

View from our hotel room.

We had a little rest before we decided to venture out in search for a restaurant where we could have dinner at. Eventually, we found this French Brasserie called ‘La Fée Verte’, which was packed with Parisians. We like eating at places where locals go, they know best where are the best places to eat. We waited at the bar until a table was available. Once at our table I ordered the Grilled Lemon Chicken Kebabs while hubby had a salmon salad.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Kebabs

Grilled Lemon Chicken Kebabs

We had a lovely time and after a few drinks, we made our way back to the hotel.

Hubby's drink!

Hubby’s drink! Very radioactive looking

I love Paris, it is one my favourite cities 🙂


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