Day 191 – Latin Night

Last Wednesday was a day I was very much looking forward to. I have lived in the UK for 8 years and have only met Meysi who is from Peru. A few months ago I met someone else who lives very close to us. Her name is Lucia and she planned a Latin American night for all her friends from central and South America to meet each other. It was a fantastic night!

We each made a dish to share with everyone and the dish pictured below is the one Lucia made. The dish name is Arroz Chaufa; this and other Peruvian dishes have Chinese influence. It is also very similar to a dish known here as Stir Fried Rice. The difference between these two are some of the ingredients. Arroz Chaufa has peppers, spring onions, omelette cut in small squares, chicken, oyster sauce and sesame oil. We also had a very delicious dish from Brazil called Coxinha (fried pastries made of potatoes and flour filled with chicken).

My picture for Day 191 is of the delicious Arroz Chaufa. (iPhone pic only)

Arroz Chaufa

Here is also a pic of the Coxinha.

Coxinha from Brazil


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