Day 159 – Saturday at Work

At work we have this big project’s deadline getting closer and weekend work has been offered for the last couple of weekends. I have been getting there as early as I could just so I could leave early too. On day 159, I decided to stick around for a bit longer and go to the gardens to take some pictures. Disappointedly, I am still waiting for the Cherry Blossom trees to flower; they are running a little late but hopefully they will in the next couple of days. So instead I took some pictures of the Daffodils and a Magnolia tree.

I love spring and all the pretty little flowers that blossom at this time. I am still running behind on my posts and as I catch and continue with my Project 365 in the next couple of weeks you will notice that my posts will be very much flower oriented. Here is my photo for Day 159!


Two more photos I had to share ๐Ÿ™‚


Magnolia Tree


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