Day 119 – Our Garden

Tonight I took more pictures of our garden. Hubby spent yesterday afternoon trimming and tidying around the garden so I decided to take a look at his handy work. The Hydrangea (Day 112) is starting to look a bit more alive, there are lots of green sprouting everywhere. My second picture, the Wisteria is still not looking so alive. It has a couple of shoots but not many. We have had the Wisteria for two years now and I really hope this year there will be some flowers.

Hope you all have a great week!




3 thoughts on “Day 119 – Our Garden

  1. You certainly have a beautiful light within you, and it shines for all to enjoy! You have a great week too, young lady, and your family as well…Skip.

      • I am actually! It helps to hear from such young and fantastic people such as yourself. May you always be happy in life, but if you get dealt a “crudball,” (and chances are you will), look for the positive viewpoints to guide you through it!

        Take care, lady…

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