Day 111 – Mother’s Day Flowers

Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK.

Last night we made our way to our in-laws so we could surprise hubby’s mum with a special breakfast early this morning. We made scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toast; it was delicious and I hope she liked it.

My mother-in-law received two bunches of flowers today and they were very beautiful. So pictures of them were a must! We had a great day and we hope she did too. It was great having all the family together to celebrate this special occasion. My pictures for today are of a white Orchid and a Pink Daisy. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Pink Daisy


One thought on “Day 111 – Mother’s Day Flowers

  1. Beautiful flowers, dear. Happy Mother’s day…in the UK…a great day…I’ll say! (Dumb, huh!). Take care, Skip

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