Day 110 – Manchester Lomowall

Yesterday hubby and I went to Manchester, we went to get myself a new camera bag. The one I have been using does no longer fit all my things inside, I have dropped and nearly lost a couple of things because there was not enough space. My new bag is a leather one for which I still need to get an insert for. It is pretty and I am very happy with it. While in Manchester we went to see the Manchester Lomowall (pictures below). The Lomowall is the first permanent exhibition that was generated thanks to the submissions made by people from around the world. The wall is made up of over 14,000 individual photographs. It is pretty impressive!

In the evening we went to a friend’s Birthday meal and we had a Chinese Buffet. It was a lovely evening but we had to leave early as we needed to head over to my in-laws. We were planning on surprising hubby’s mum this morning with a nice breakfast. More of that on my next post!

Manchester Lomowall




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