Day 104 – Focus on Imaging

Yesterday we went to the NEC in Birmingham for one of the biggest imaging shows in the UK. It had over 200 exhibitors and it is aimed at amateurs as well as professionals in the photography business.

I was looking forward to this show, they were going to have some speakers as well as tutorials and I was hoping to find a good deal on either lenses or a flashgun.

The show for me was quite overwhelming. A big portion of the exhibitors were aimed at professional photographers and me a novice found it very hard to find products aimed at myself. I did manage to get carried away and I purchased a Nikon flashgun. I had a play with it at the show and soon as I saw it in action I knew I had to have it. As mentioned before I am not a big fan of flash but I have noticed, while doing this project, my need for one in certain type of shots. I will all this week be taking shots using the flashgun. I hope to get my head around it and be able to take some cool smoke and water droplet shots.

My photos for Sunday are of the ones I took at the show.




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