Day 94 – What Can You See?

Thursday night was very quiet one for us. I decided to have another go at taking pictures of smoke. I am a lot happier with the result of these pictures compared to the ones I took last time. I don’t have a flash unit so I only used my camera flash and it was very challenging (frustrating!). The flash kept lighting my background as well as the smoke. After nearly 100 shots I managed to angle my camera in a way that the flash wouldn’t illuminate my background too much.

Below are two of the pictures I took last night. I inverted the colours in one of them and then changed the hue so the smoke looks purple. I enjoy trying to figure out what shape the smoke makes. What can you see?

Smoke 1

Smoke 2


4 thoughts on “Day 94 – What Can You See?

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this for a couple months now, but don’t really know where to begin. I don’t have an external flash either… any tips? yours turned out awesome!

    • Thank you! It can be very frustrating taking these pictures without an external flash. I had a very strong lamp pointing towards the smoke but slightly angled away from the black background. I had foil paper on the other side to bounce back some of the light. It was a lot of trial an error to be honest. A lot of moving things around just so it would look right. I used lightroom to darken the background as it was a bit light. As to the camera settings you should use, there are a couple of websites out there with that info but it basically should be Low ISO, fast shutter speed and small aperture. Change them slightly to what suits you best. Hope this info helps and good luck!

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