Day 82 – Tulips

My husband’s parents and brothers came to visit today. We played Monopoly before dinner, I had forgotten how competitive that game can be. None of us went bankrupt because we stopped the game but I think hubby would have been the winner. He had more hotels than any of us did!

He also cooked dinner tonight. He did salmon for starters, lamb as main and a choice of
Profiteroles or Crumble for dessert. It was all very delicious. After dinner we played Cranium, I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Me trying to hum and do a few steps of Thriller had everyone laughing out loud. I think one of hubby’s brother took a video…I just hope it never makes it to Facebook!

My mother-in-law brought me some flowers. She got me some tulips and daffodils. The daffodils are still closed but the tulips have started to open. They are very pretty. Here goes a picture of one of them.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Close-up of pink tulip



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