Day 78 – Painting with Light

I have been wanting to do ‘Light Painting’ again since I had a go on my ‘Day 3‘ post. I bought some glow sticks a while ago and today was just the right day to test them out (it has been snowing all day and it is very cold outside).

Hubby helped with the first ones but then I was on my own (he plays football on Tuesdays). I put some music on and then the panting started. I have to say I really enjoyed it. My drawing skills need some practice though!

My favourite shot of the night!

Light Painting - Orchid

Below are some the others…

First attempt:

First attempt

Hubby’s turn to have a go!

Hubby's painting

Adding a bit of colour:



4 thoughts on “Day 78 – Painting with Light

    • Hi Kyle, sorry for the late reply. I took these pictures in my dining room. Made sure all lights were off and curtains were completely close. Put my camera on a tripod, set it to manual. Aperture f/8 and shutter speed to bulb. Low ISO. You will need a remote shutter release and a torch. Then you are ready to go. Using the torch you can draw anything you want. Make sure you never shine the light on yourself. Unless you want it that way.

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