Day 73 – Back to the River Weaver

When I started writing this post I was two views short to a thousand. I just would like to say a big Thank you! to all who took a minute of their time to visit my blog. Thanks also to all my followers, I guess you may have seen something you like and that brings a big smile to my face as it means I may be doing something right 🙂

Doing ‘Project 365’ has been very hard. I wish I was more organized and had a list of things to photograph each day but I don’t. Husband has been a huge help as he is always there with me, encouraging me and giving ideas. Having people viewing and liking my post has also been a great encouragement…otherwise I may have given up by now. (although I am stubborn and don’t like to give up easily)

Today we went back to the river Weaver, we were looking for a car park and drove along this road for a while when we came across a viaduct hidden at the end of the road. I wasn’t expecting to find anything like that at all. Neither of us knew it was there and we have lived around the area for a few years now. I wish there would have been more space in order to go far away enough to get a full view of it but there were quite a few trees on the way and a locked fence on the other side of the road. The pictures below are my favourite of the bunch. Couldn’t pick just one!


River Weaver Viaduct



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