Day 50 – Penguin

I don’t think I have introduced you to this little princess. Penguin is our ginger cat. We found her around 7 years ago in a rainy day as we were walking home from our local pub. She was drinking from a tin can and was soaking wet. Hubby grabbed her and wrapped her inside his jumper. We took her home to give her some food and dry her. When the rain stopped, we let her out so she could go back to her home.

We did not see her again for two days and then she returned to us. She appeared at our door and has been with us ever since. We took her to the vets a few days later and checked for a microchip which she didn’t have. We told the vets if anyone reported her missing to contact us. We think she was stray as we never heard from anyone.

She is our little princess. She loves being pampered and loves warm comfy places. My picture today is of our ginger cat Penguin.




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