Day 33 – My Beautiful Peru

I officially finished work yesterday for the holidays. My body finally realized that it’s rest time and I slept in this morning. I took a nap this afternoon and right now I feel very rested.

One of the other things I love is my country. I went to Peru in May and it seems it has been longer than just a few months since I was last there. It took for me to have left my country to realize how much I love it. I miss the most simple things like people’s warmth, the food, the mild weather and the smells. I am very proud to have been born in such a beautiful country, rich with culture and history.

Since I am in England and can’t really take any picture of Peru. I want to share pictures of different items I have around my house. These items bring a little bit of the Peruvian feeling to my home here in England.

Retablo Ayacuchano

Ceramic Dolls

Peruvian painting


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