Day 22 – Nordman Fir

We finally got our Christmas tree!

I was working late tonight and was also cooking that we only managed to get to the shop with 5 minutes spare. It took us a little while to find the perfect tree but we found one. We used to buy very tall and wide trees but this year we decided to go with a medium size one. My only requirement was that it need to be taller than me. (I am only 5’1…it wasn’t very hard!)

I am posting two pictures tonight. The first one is the meal I cooked tonight. It is a Peruvian dish called ‘Lomo Saltado’. It’s one of my favourite dishes and is quite easy to prepare and the ingredients can be found here in the UK.

Peruvian dish. Stir fried onions, tomatoes, peppers, and sirloin beef with soy sauce. Served with chips and rice.

The second picture is one of the Christmas tree. I have not started decorating yet but can’t wait until tomorrow for the fun to begin!

Nordman Fir


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